Pelican Universal Arcade stick to USB


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Mar 16, 2004
United States
Hey all.
Thought Id send this out and see if anyone has some experience with this arcade pad.
I emailed Pelican so maybe I'll get lucky and someone will messege me back, I highly doubt it but maybe I'll get lucky.

Semi Full pad picture for those who are curoius.

Problem is that I decided to cut up that Xbox cord and set it up to USB and see if it'll work.
Ive tried adapters with no results so I thought Id give it a try with a manual direct to USB mod.

So the usual thing is that you tie up the same colors to each other cords and you get an easy to USB mod.
Though I have this problem.

See? Wrong colors. I have no idea whats what.
The USB is on the bottom.
I know that,
Black = ground
Red = power
White = Data -
Green = Data +

On the pelican pad, well, my best guess is that red is power and the light blue is ground, or vice versa. Since they are the two bigger cords. But thats barely a good guess at all.

Im a bit afaird to try just testing it and see if it works. Cuase I could damage something if I hook up the power to the wrong cord.

Anyone have some experience with Pelican Xbox pads? Maybe they all have the same colored cords.

Also there anyway to test the cords to find out wich one is wich?

Thanks in advance.
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