Peggle XBLA Coming in First Half of 2009

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    "Gamers, from hardcore to casual alike, have been waiting with bated breath for official release details regarding the Xbox Live Arcade release of Peggle but, according to Wired, the wait will soon be over. PopCap Games has confirmed with Wired that the XBLA and iPhone versions of its popular plinko-esque casual game will see release in the first half of 2009. While the company wouldn't detail a release schedule, gamers have at least some idea when the long-ago announced title will be released.

    In a strange development, Wired also reports that PopCap declined to comment on pricing details for the XBLA version of Peggle but we thought details had already been confirmed. In a story we reported on in September, PopCap Games vice president Greg Canessa told Uncle Gamer Radio that the upcoming XBLA release of Peggle would release at 800 ($10 USD) in an interview.

    Unfortunately, the Uncle Gamer site was experiencing technical difficulties at the time this article was published. X3F has contacted PopCap to help clear-up the pricing confusion."

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    800 points is fine for such a great game.