Peachy's bones?

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    Aug 2, 2016
    Tbh I started to like MKWii ( Mario Kart Wii hacking more. Last time I tried to make MK7 ( Mario kart 7 ) Wii Edition, but failed somehow and lost my interest to hacking the game. Idk how, but apparently I started to hacking it once again and now my new project is. . . Mario Sport Mix Kart Wii!! ( Need to think the name more later )

    Anyway it's time to tell my "tiny problem".

    I'm replacing Peach's MKWii model with her Mario Sport Mix ones Her dress and biker model are in the same file so I don't know which skeleton is her dress and which is her biker outfit. Only clue is that one skeleton is named "pcd_skl_root" and second is "skl_root".

    Also if there is some MKWii hackers and interested about this project, I would love to get some help. Nameless Woman.png
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