PanikGastrik v1.0

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    PanikGastrik v1.0

    By Rema

    Rema has entered into the Dev-Fr coding compo with his new game PanikGastrik. This is a sliding piece puzzle with an interesting graphic spin in which you have to slide blocks and attempt to free the goal block from the play field.[title:PainkGastrik v1.0]Presentation:
    I have the honor to present PanikGastrik to you, my very first homebrew, and precursor of a new kind on DS: the homebrew scatologic!
    More seriously, it is about a puzzle them experts will have recognized that it is about a remake of the famous play “Hour Rush” - but with excrement.

    You are in the middle of the intestine grèle of a student to the doubtful diet and. in short, it is panic there inside, you will have to make evacuate our hero (Mister excrement) in direction of the rectum, and this, with less possible movements (eh yes, one avoids the saltos when one with the runs generally)!

    My false excuse for the topic of the compo:
    Panik Gastrik is quite simply the ideal homebrew to reverse the process of evolution: indeed, they brings back straight for you about the glorious time when you still played with your excrement!
    (for more realism and/or of pleasure, to use the fingers instead of the stylet)

    How to play:
    The play is entirely playable with the stylet (or with the fingers for more pleasure, cf higher).

    Other information:
    Obviously, the play is coded with best the lib of the world, alias PAlib which it is too well this lib coughed.
    Moreover, I use lib EFS of noda for the safeguards, with the result that bein… it appears that it is usable on emulator, but me I cannot make in any case Smiley
    /! \ During the first launching on hardware, the splashscreen can remain posted a certain time (~30sec max) because it is at this time that one initializes the brothel for EFS (to speak in technical terms).

    veiled, I hope that you will have fun with my ptit play!
    thank you with all the #dev-Fr nolifes and which (hardly. .pff) helped me without (too much) insulting me, they is cool! Grin
    hem I talk cock there, thank you with all Language[​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source

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    WTF ??? A game about pushing coils ?!?
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    Holy crap! (SCNR)
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    ........... that's kinda sick.

    it's exactly the same type of puzzle as the car sliding game i played a while ago on my DS. i can't think of the name right now, i hope someone can remind me.

    I also have the same type of game in real life [​IMG]

    edit: DS game is called "Rush Hour"
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    This = Smelly Win