Tutorial Android Pair Pro Controller in HOS and Switchroot Android simultaneously.


May 15, 2019
Requirements: original Pro Controller, compatible usb cable, x86-64 linux pc (if "get_jc_procon_ltk" works in WSL, please reply, I'll add it here), magisk.

1. pair procon in HOS
1.5. from now on be careful not to connect procon wirelessly to switchroot android until step 8, if you do, LinkKey nukes, and you'll have to re-pair it in HOS again
2. Download "get_jc_procon_ltk" from Switchroot Discord
(it is a simple tool for dumping LTK(LinkKey) of pro controller/joycons made by well-known homebrew developer CTCaer)

On your linux pc:
3. install libhidapi-hidraw0 (if it's not yet installed)
terminal command for Debian/Ubuntu:
sudo apt update && sudo apt install libhidapi-hidraw0
4. connect procon to pc with usb cable
5. run "get_jc_procon_ltk" from step 2:
sudo ./get_jc_procon_ltk
remember MAC and LTK of the controller

On your switchroot android:
6. for the next step it is necessary to have root permissions(magisk), if you don't have magisk installed, diwnload fresh release from github - Magisk_vXX.apk rename .apk to .zip and install it in TWRP.

7. edit file /data/misc/bluedroid/bt_config.conf in Android text editor (e.g. RootExplorer) - add these lines at the end:
[mac from step 5,keep the square brackets] Name = Pro Controller LinkKeyType = 4 LinkKey = see below what to put here
LinkKey is LTK you got from step 5, but pairs of symbols are in reverse order, lowercase, no spaces:
example: if you got LTK: 12 56 f0 e8, then LinkKey line will be LinkKey = e8f05612
7.5 if you make a typo here and try to connect procon wirelessly, it will nuke current LinkKey and you'll have to re-pair it in HOS again (step 1)
8. reboot, it should work now - turn on bluetooth and press any button on the controller to test it
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