OUYA Firmware Update - Version 1.2.1187

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by LightyKD, Aug 7, 2014.

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    It looks like OUYA Inc. Is making good on their promise to have hardware that acts as console and dev kit. Here are the update highlights...

    -Want to learn more about making a game? Check out the new TUTORIALS section under the MAKE category.

    --You'll find an intro video to show you how easy it is to set up Unity and get a game onto the OUYA Store - this is the first in a series of videos we’ll be putting together for beginning developers.

    --You'll also see a beta for AIDE - a program that will teach you the basics of coding and game development. It works with the controller, or hook up a mouse and keyboard for the optimal experience. Check out http://www.android-ide.com/ for more info.

    -Want a better way to sideload apks? Go look at the new UPLOAD functionality in MAKE.
    --This allows you to upload an apk to your OUYA directly from any computer on your network - no cables or ADB required. Simply get the URL from the UPLOAD section, go to that URL in a web browser, and upload the apk. It's kinda like magic.

    -Added an easier way to upload logs for troubleshooting. While this isn't super exciting to an everyday user, it will help us troubleshoot and figure out fixes - which leads to a better product for everyone.

    -Added more robust control for videos on details pages. --The Y button will pause.
    --Left and Right on the dpad or analog stick will scrub forward and back while the video is fullscreen.

    --Added a simple progress bar.

    -Minor bug fixes, as usual.

    -Additionally, if you weren’t already aware, we’re very excited to point out that OUYA is available on the Mad Catz M.O.J.O.! You’ll see us pop up on more devices in the future as we work to get the great games on OUYA out to a wider audience.
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    Psst, where's your sources? ;)
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    The C Standard Library
    He is the source :tpi:.
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    @OP do you happen to own any stock in the OUYA?
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    I'm still waiting for an Ouya hack/soft mod. Is it safe to update my 'console'.?
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  7. LightyKD

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    Sadly, no. The day they go public, rest assured I'll be buying some shares :D

    What do you want in regards to a soft mod? My OUYA console is what most in the OUYA community would consider to be highly software modded lol. While OUYA runs on Android and that OS is fairly open, you can do the following

    - Root the console via an extremely easy "one click root" apk
    - Install the Google Play and Amazon App stores. (Be careful with Amazon, they've started doing some protectionist B.S. with some of their games. I assume this is due to Fire TV)

    - Use a mod allowing the OUYA controller to act as a MOGA controller for MOGA supported Android games (great for the Gameloft stuff)
    - Overclock the console but from what I'm told, It's a minimal improvement.
    - "Ram swap" with either internal or external storage. Mixed thoughts and results with this
    - Lock the console to 720p. Seems silly at first but you gain some in the area of performance
    - Second screen gaming via screen stream (I'm still working on this one)
    - On screen notifications
    - ADB Recovery (I have yet to play with this)
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    Do you hate money? Why not invest in blimps while you're at it? After all, they're the second best method of air travel - second to airplanes, of course, but those are a fad for sure. :P
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    LightyKD knows that nobody cares about even vaguely interesting Ouya news so he goes and posts news about a firmware update that does pretty much nothing.

    Obvious troll.
  10. masterzed

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    can anyone giv me the lastest official firmware update from ouya?
  11. tech3475

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    You really should create a new thread, rather than going grave digging.

    What exactly do you want to do, since the latest official firmware is really old by now.


    Xda may be a good place to check out for something like this.
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