[OST] Homebrew Mario Land, The Last GBA Quest

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    Nov 13, 2004
    Hi ! [​IMG]

    I'm archilolo, from the Playeradvance french community, and I really enjoy making musics for homebrews. At the moment, I only made musics for Mario Land, The Last GBA Quest, and for Marble, a DS Game by Noda - and I'm working now on several other projects.

    So I propose to you the Original SoundTrack I made for Mario Land. The musics are not perfect, in no way... but, well, it wasn't too difficult for me to propose them. So I did it - and my friend Ass-Itch made the covers (thanks to him). [​IMG]

    I just hope you will enjoy it - as much as I enjoyed myself to make it. [​IMG]

    Best regards to the GBATemp community,

    Download link 1.

    Download link 2.


    (hope my english isn't too bad ! [​IMG])
    (hope I create the topic in the right place...)
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    Sep 28, 2008
    i will check the of this works m8 [​IMG]