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    Jul 14, 2009
    United States
    So, simply put, I need to find a modchip for a v1.6 Xbox. Why? Well, from an earlier thread I made in the original Xbox forum, I have one that has an error implying it can't load the MS dash, and the other unfortunately I unlocked without knowing that it can't boot from that unlocked state. So the modchip would be so I could troubleshoot both systems and get them up and running, and soft-modded properly.

    While the thread did link a seemingly good deal (Aladdin XT w/ no-solder for $12 USD), I noticed it was an EU shop. I couldn't imagine that it would remain around that price after shipping, or get here before the year is over, after customs is involved. :P

    So, are there any in-US resellers I could look for for a modchip that's good 'nuff to help me get these Xbox(es) up and running?
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