Options for Playing Wonder Project J2 on a Console?

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    May 16, 2015
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    I really like Wonder Project J2 for the Nintendo 64. Unfortunately we never got an official
    localization. A fan translation does exist though, and I have played it on my computer.

    My question is, what are my options for playing the English Patched copy of the game on
    an actual 64? I know of the EverDrive (not specifics, more I know OF it) but from what I can
    tell it's rather pricey, and since this is really the only game Im interested in right now it seems like
    kind of a waste. Is there any way to either load the translation over the actual game? Or make a repro
    of it?

    I know absolutely nothing about the n64 scene other than you can clip off those pieces of plastic to play
    Japanese carts on an American system... Anyways any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. Enigma Hall

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    Feb 6, 2013
    You could use a xbox 360 rgh to play your game.
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    Raspberry Pi 3 40 euro,v5 3a adapter 10 euro,usb controller 10 euro,8gb sd card 5 euro and you are done.

    Or you can use a modded xbox console to play n64 games, but I don't know how good n64 emulation is on xbox.