Options for my Xbox 360 console?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by Harsky, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Harsky

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    Aug 2, 2004
    So I agreed to buy my cousin's Elite 360 console which means my old Xbox 360 console can finally be experimented on to try and run backups. Here's all the information I have about it. The dashboard hasn't been updated for a while and it's on dashboard 2.0.14699. The DVD drive is a Samsung and the console itself was a premium model from 5 years ago. No HDMI connector but has a manufacturing date of 2006-01-06.

    In an ideal world, I would love to get XBLA games as well but from my understanding, this requires a Jtag and I'm guessing it's not possible at all on my console since it's been upgraded past the "blades" dashboard. If that's the case, then my second "wishlist" would be a no fuss, "burn game to dual layer, play". Actually, playing from a HDD would also be nice but I figured I need to learn before advancing.
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    RGH is your only option if you want XBLA games the less then legitimate way. ODDE if you want to play games from a hard drive and don't want to RGH or drive flash if you want burnt discs. Since of what you want I recommend you RGH. I'm not sure if you want a dual nand for live support so I say a basic RGH is your best bet. It can cost a lot 100+ assuming you don't have a solder gun and various other tools and can be hard if you don't know how to solder.
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    Assuming you already have a SATA chipset, you can flash the drive right now!
  4. Harsky

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    Aug 2, 2004
    Is Jungle Flasher still the only option because I'm still feeling lost when it comes to trying to flash my Xbox and don't know where to begin.
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    Oct 11, 2011
    You can fit a Xkey in the console to allow games from the HDD.
    It requires you to have your DVD key.

    XBLA is indeed only for jTAG/RGH boxes.
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