Opinions on Watch_Dogs?

Discussion in 'PS4 - Games & Content' started by JustTheOtherGuy, May 28, 2014.

  1. Really interested in this game, but know the smart thing to do is to get some opinions before dropping $60. For those who've made the purchase, what are your impressions and opinions? Does it play well, look decent, have a cohesive story, etc.?
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    I forgot
    Its gameplay is pretty neat at first and it'll feel like a nice game in the beginning, but it gets extremely repetitive in the long run and sort of ruins it for me. It also "borrows" mechanics from Far Cry 3 (the radio towers and enemy basses thing), so those are pretty stale as well...I also think the driving physics/controls are poop, but I mostly played the game on PC so I can't exactly say on consoles. The world looks fine, no complaints there, the whole hacking thing is actually interesting for the first hour or so of the game as well.

    The story is the only thing good about the game IMO, if you can deal with repetitive gameplay then go for it and buy it, otherwise wait until it's thrown into a bargain bin.
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  3. Crass

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    Literally hack anything in the world simply by looking at it and pressing a button on your phone. Prevent future crimes by committing even more heinous crimes. Horrible pop in even on the next gen and PC systems.

    It's a fun game, but has it's flaws. Definitely not game of the year material.
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    What Tom Bombadildo said seems to be the general consensus (that being "Ubisoft have done better than most when they think to make an open world sandbox without procedural generation, however open world sandbox is still something you do not want to do if you are not so well versed in it, even if you are as big as Ubisoft"). Some of it might be hype falling short but many of the core criticisms would still stand, maybe even enough that I can not say "wait for some bugfixes", mods might be a slightly different matter though this is the PS4 so that does not really apply.

    Watch Dogs 2, Watch Dogs remastered and possibly Watch Dogs GOTY if DLC takes off may well be ones to watch though.

    However it does seem to have netted such classics as "absolutely abysmal ! even my Triple GTX 780 Ti graphics cards have a hard time keeping this game smooth on high let alone ultra quality.".

    Edit. That said I am not quite getting the hack by pressing a button criticism -- there have been precious few minigames for unlocking/hacking (they the same thing) and even then I would get bored of Enter the Matrix's minigame after the 6th time that mission. Real world hacking, even targeted hacking, is also somewhat fire and forget in a lot of cases and it seems functionally quite similar to the likes of psi ops and second sight's mechanics.
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    I've not yet played it but it seems like a mix of Assassin's Creed (+ Prince of Persia), Splinter Cell, Far Cry and Driver all into one game.

    From what I've seen it looks decent but the driving gameplay looks pretty shitty compared to GTA: San Andreas and the others. It's supposed to be based in the future and yet it handles like an arcade RC game.

    I'm waiting for Angry Joe's review and gonna bet he'll give it a 7/10 (decent) or 8/10 (very good) at max.

    Edit: Playing Lego City Undercover (GTA: Lego Edition) on my Wii U and the game is terrific but those fucking loading times are bloody too many! Ugh! I wish they had given the option to install the game on the storage device of the console.
  6. Cyan

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    I've played the beginning at a friend's home (up to the first cTOS hack).
    I felt a little without help, I was thrown in the game and I didn't had time to get used to the controller or time to explore the environment (you start with the need to escape so you don't have time to look around, you just run randomly).

    I also played it on Xbox360 while I'm used to play Nintendo's console, so the controller was a little backward for me. When they said "Press A" I pressed B etc. That's partly why it was difficult for me to get used to the control.

    Then when I had to enter a restricted area, I lost 10-15 times until I found what to do and where to go, which path to secure etc.
    You fail the mission very often, and you restart it from the beginning each time, which becomes frustrating as it's too much repetitive :(

    There's a lot of cameras but it seems they never detects you, it's always for your own use. a little weird for surveillance cameras to not detect intrusions in restricted areas :P

    I think it could be a good game if I take the time to understand the environment and all the menus/actions.
    I'll wait for the WiiU version to see what they plan to do with the gamepad. (I hope it's not just the city map, or offTV play)
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