ONLY GATEWAY 3DS / Sky3DS (and clones) / 4.5 CFW CAN PLAY 3DS ROMS

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    This is a simple topic to answer some simple questions: "Is there any progress?", "When will the 3DS be hacked?" ....

    There are two main hacks:
    • Hardware: Using solutions from flashcart companies focusing (mostly) on piracy and ROM playing (the Gateway 3DS also supports Homebrew, though)
    • Software: Legal and open sources releases from community hackers and developers, focusing on Homebrew. There's also a not-so-legal Custom Firmware floating around which lets you load special "ROMs" (called CIA).
    Both of these methods work up to System Menu version 9.2 (except Sky3DS and regionFOUR, which work up to 9.8). You should not update beyond this System Menu version.


    A few flashcarts for the 3DS have been released (with their clones):
    • Gateway 3DS
      • R4i 3DS Gold DELUXE
      • 3DS Link
      • Orange 3DS
      • MT-Card
    • Sky3DS
      • R5
      • K3DS
      • QQ3DS
    All of them can play the currently dumped 3DS ROMs, but only the Gateway 3DS can also run 3DS homebrew.

    All other flashcarts are NDS Flashcarts which can only play normal DS ROMs on the 3DS.

    More info: Comparison of Nintendo 3DS Flashcarts (thread).
    You are encouraged to read the FAQ and the stickied topics which already contains all the answers.


    Software based solutions as Ninjhax or ROP Loader only allow 3DS homebrew to be run and not copyrighted ROMs. There are currently 2 methods for homebrew:

    The first solution is to use Fierce Waffle's ROP Loader.

    ROP Loader
    Homebrew development and release thread.

    The second method is by using smealum's Ninjahax exploit. You can find more about it here

    There's also a Custom Firmware floating around which lets you load ROMs. You can find various guides on how to install it here. But remember, do NOT ask for ROMs here on GBAtemp!


    There are no emulators with full support for 3DS ROMs. Citra has managed to get Ocarina of Time 3D working, and that's about it. Any other emulator that claims to support 3DS ROMs is fake.

    There are emulators which emulate the ARM chipsets and let you load some 3DS homebrew (and maybe 0's key re-signed ROMs).
    - Citra
    - 3DMoo
    - TronDS

    That is all the available information at the moment.

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