One of my hamster died.

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    Jul 2, 2007
    Okay, a few days ago I had gotten a second hamster, he was still very little and was probably just under 2 and a half months old. It was in the same cage as my regular hamsters. Apparently the big hamster didn't like the little one(read on to see what happened) and in the morning I smelled something terrible. It really smelled bad, I went and saw the smell came from my hamster's cage so I quickly looked. The little hamster laying there under the running wheel. he had 2 black spots that he never had before. He was dead and smelled really bad. Judging by his body I think my big hamster started eating the little dude [​IMG] Too bad I couldn't even see how it happened, if I saw I would of stopped him. What really sucks is the new hamster I had been with him for only 4 days.