on"top 5 China Dropshipper"

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Tempbot, Jul 22, 2010.

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    on"top 5 China Dropshipper"
    Just make a clearance
    Indeed, I didn't realise that put trioffer.com into the number one dropshipper of the list was a blunder. Actually, I have no other intention to promote in this press, just made a fully comparison technicly for those 5 sites. All friends here don't need to take trioffer into consideration but ignore it.This is just a press, no other intentions. What I did may offend somebody, but I do hope you guys could forgive me. And I myself will not do anything to do promote in this forum. Wish you guys don't mind and forgive me.

    Contributed by trioffer
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    Too bad.
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    And this is why 0-post accounts should not be allowed to post in User-submitted news, or through tempbot.

    Trioffer or not, it's all spam and you're going to hurt the credibility of all these websites. You may even get them blacklisted, because it isn't the first time.
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