Old 3DS not reading games

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    Nov 22, 2016
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    I've got a old 3DS, that's unable to read inserted games. I thought it could be the card slot itself, but as I've some soldering skills, I got a new one and replaced the one that was in the 3DS. Anyway I'm sure anything went fine while replacing the slot, but the 3DS still doesn't recognize inserted games. Meanwhile I hacked it some time ago, so it's running A9LH + Luma 3DS, which was quite painful with no working browser and cart slot, but DSiWare hax went fine.

    So basically my question is: What could cause an 3DS not reading games, except a faulty card slot? I've no idea what the preowner did with it, I got it on 6.x and the broken cart slot. Is it definitely faulty hardware or could there be an software issue? I doubt it could be the later, as I installed 11.2.

    Maybe I will sell it just to someone who doesn't need the card slot, as I'm fucked up not finding the issue.