Ocarina/Wiird on gamecube games

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    I'm trying to get Ocarina/Wiird to work on gamecube without the need of a modchip, sd gecko, Action Replay, SD Launchers or whatever.

    I read somewhere that the old Gecko OS that was released for both wii and GC used the same code handler for both. ==> The new code handler might work on gamecube.

    The problem is that the wii hooks don't work on gamecube games, and i can't even find a .dol for the Gecko OS GC edition, and no info if the source even was ever released. If somebody is able to find the code for the hooks that the Gecko OS GC edition used, that would be nice, but i doubt that's possible.

    So could somebody try to create a hooktype for gamecube?

    PS: I just noticed i posted the wrong section, but i think it won't make a difference. Hacking section would be correct, because it would only work on retail discs
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