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    Feb 1, 2009
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    I joined a while ago under a different name which I really didn't like but I didn't expect to be back here but it turns out that this is a great forum so I thought I'd sign up. I want to say that this Domo Kun Signature and the Avatar were both made for me and were not stolen from any other site. For some reason people always think that.

    I have a flashcart and I have Twilight Hack for my DS and Wii respectively. I really like playing homebrew games and I can actually appreciate them without saying complaining about how bad they are compared to real games. The reason I didn't hard mod my Wii is because I actually buy games for it. The DS I don't usually buy games but I do when I think a game is actually worth getting such as Phantom Hourglass, Animal Crossing, and New Super Mario Bros. There are several more. And the Wii needs to be supported for the hardcore titles it has so that's why I always buy games for it. But those are just my opinions.

    Well I've said a lot but I just thought it would be good to say a few things about myself, and I look forward to hopefully becoming a regular member of the GBATemp community.
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    Hi there. [​IMG] You made the wrong right choice when you signed up! [​IMG]
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    Welcome. Have some apples...