Nvidia ATI filtering utility

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    Nvidia ATI filtering utility

    I use a Nvidia 8800 BTW

    I really like SAIx2 but some emulators do not support it is there a program or profile that I can use?

    I wish PCSX2 remembered my settings but it dose not save 50% scaneline.
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    What's going on is that the emulators (that use filters) are filtering the image before rendering it, so a post-processing option like the GPU's control panel would only affect the ouput to the screen (at the resolution output), and thus wouldn't be able to use 2xSAI and such, because those are scaling filters that affect raster images (frames in the emulator case) being resized.

    Your best bet is to see if you can get the emulator's author or somebody else (plugin, open-source, etc.) to add support.