Nunchuk Issue

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    Wondering if someone else have had this problem.

    This started to happen a few weeks ago and I have only played AC-CF since: The nunchuk's analog stick gets "stuck" and the character goes by itself to a place (ie. up or right).

    I know the nunchuk must be centered when you turn on the Wii and on loading times, but I realized this happen in-game with no apparent reason (of course i make sure is centered at every loading screen). The bad thing is this getting more and more often, and I have to reconnect it (to the wiimote) to re-center.

    I already tried to re-sync the wiimote without luck and cleaning the sensor bar (just in case), SO, I'm wondering... Is the nunchuk the problem, or it could also be my Wiimote?

    Does anyone else have had this issue and has solved it?

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    I have had the same issue.
    Solution: bought a new nunchuk