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    Mar 15, 2009
    so i have an EDGE flash card and was wondering what would be a better deal a normal gba flash card or ez flash 3 in 1, i have a ds phat, and i dont care about the extra ram and rumble and that crap so what do you guys (and girls) think. plus would a gba fc even work on a ds phat. please give reasons ex which one would have better compatibility, no slowdowns, price easy to use etc.

    thanks... a true nube
  2. James_Wulfe

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    Jun 4, 2009
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    There is a DSPhat specific 3in1 already out there so you don't have to modify a dslite one, but even if you have no need for the gba/rumble i still recommend it, as sometime down the road you may wish to have gba emulation, or use gba homebrew on your ds and you will need a gba fc to do so, the price for the 3in1 on a phat is around 20 bucks and i have seen it on DX but i do NOT suggest getting it from DX as the one i ordered from there took 9 months and i had to cancel it due to it was still waiting on back order and was never going to show up, so honestly good luck actually finding one specific for the phat.

    If you do however find one and it is received in a generally good amount of time PLEASE pm me with where you got yours from since i still would like to give my old phat some life with one. [​IMG]