Noob question about DS3 support

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    Mar 5, 2015
    OK. Apologies in advance if this is seriously noobish.

    I wanted to pair my Dual Shock 3 controller with my Wii. I have the ABZ Masterpiece Pack and noticed that there was an app called PairMyDS3. Excellent! So I ran it. Connected my controller via usb. It worked! It recorded my MAC address and some other data and created some files. OK! Now hit the "home" button. You bet! And now I'll just turn on my controller and.....uhhhhhh.....shit.

    I'm lost. I don't know what the files are, where they were created, what they do, how to now get the Wii to recognize the controller. Anything really. I was hoping that there would be further information about the next steps within the PairMyDS3 app but there was nothing and my google skills are failing me. I'm not even quite sure what apps/plugins are compatible with it.

    So here I am with you fine folks. Help?