Non-lethal weaponry

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    Jul 21, 2007
    So, the thread about the paintball sentry gun got me thinking about non-lethal weaponry. Yes, I am that sad, I do spend some of time thinking about the best ways to incapacitate without killing people.

    Anyway, I think given enough money with a lot of R&D, non-lethal weaponry could be just as effective, maybe even moreso than the current style of kill-as-many-as-possible-as-quickly-as-possible.

    I have a few ideas, these are just theoretical, feel free to shoot them down (stupid puns) if you don't think they would work:

    Foam guns, not like Nerf guns, but some of the expanding/hardening foams we already have in existance are pretty fast acting and can be used for serious building work. Somehow load that crap into a gun that could shoot blobs of it and you potentially have something to trap/incapacitate someone. I reckon the same could be done with jelly like substances.

    Weed/LSD/Ecstacy "bombs" - imagine being able to put a substantial amount of these substances into the air of a city that is being targetted for military capture, you could basically walk in and pick up the soldiers, or just lead them away with cookies and computer games, maybe even just magic eye projections [​IMG]
    Ok, I'm being a bit silly, but tests done decades ago using LSD on soldiers shows that they are useless at fighting once it kicks in.

    Here's a vid:

    I can't be arsed to write too much more right now, but I want to hear your ideas for or against the concept of non-lethal weaponry and/or ideas for actual non-lethal weapons.

    I wouldn't say I am a pacifist, but I do think violence is overused in our world, and any body of power (more specifically, government in this case) have a responsibility to all human life to not kill without absolute necessity, things like atomic/nuclear bombs, cluster bombs, landmines napalm should never have even been made, there is no need to treat life with such disrespect. I also accept that there will always be those that use violence as a means to get what they want, and don't care about alternatives, and those of us that want to be called civil(ised) have a duty to show an alternative, rather than react with the biggest, baddest weapon available.


    Rant over, discuss [​IMG]
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    Apr 2, 2008
    haaaaa its been a time since a saw this video, such a gem