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    Aug 30, 2007
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    If you have SD card compatibility issue on 3DS, try to use M3GUpdaterPlus_142.nds to upgrade with compatible SD card or on NDS/NDSi to complete.
    (For M3i Zero GMP-Z003 only)

    Firmware Update: (For M3i Zero GMP-Z003 Only)

    M3i Zero GMP-Z003 firmware Update
    *Update the firmware of M3i Zero card, to support new 3DS consoles (Ver. 1.0.0-0J, Ver. 1.0.0-0U, Ver. 1.0.0-0E)
    *Solve the SD card compatibility issue.

    *This updated software package supports only the M3i Zero card (GMP-Z003 model), the code is printed on the top right of the label of the card.
    *If you used this package upgrade, no need to use the "M3i Zero Core data file V1.7.2" to upgrade again.
    *For the users who has the M3i Zero card which is not GMP-Z003 model, please use core data file V1.7.2.
    *In order to update the firmware of the M3i Zero card, you must have the NDS, NDS Lite or NDSi NDSi(XL) console. The updated software can run up in one of these consoles, then the updated M3i Zero card should be able to boot up properly in any NDS console included 3DS.
    *Please make sure that the power of the console is sufficient and prevent moving the console during the updated process.

    1. i) Copy the “M3GUpdaterPlus_142.nds” onto the microSD card.
    ii) Copy the "system" file onto the microSD card or install the "M3SAKURA" system
    (For the detail of installing the system or "M3SAKURA", please read the corresponding instruction.)
    2. Insert that microSD card into the M3i Zero card.
    3. Insert M3i Zero card into one of the following console (NDS, NDS Lite or NDSi NDSi(XL))
    4. Power on the console and the M3 software should run up. Select the “M3GUpdaterPlus_142.nds” file then press [A] to launch it.
    5. Just follow the instruction on the screen or press [start] twice to start the updated process.
    6. The "Updating success" message will be displayed on the screen if the updated process is success.
    7. After the updated process is finished, you may take out the M3i Zero, You may insert this card into 3DS to use it.

    Download Here

  2. DSGamer64

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    Nov 9, 2007
    I will test this tomorrow, thanks for the quick update. Hopefully the fix can be applied to a future F-Core release so that players do not experience this issue.

    This fix got things going just fine. Thanks M3 Team
  3. mazool

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    Dec 21, 2006
    Hmm.. this sucks. Just bought a M3i Zero card because it didn't require a NDS for flashing upgrades.
    Will we be able to update without a NDS in the near future?
  4. Saf1

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    Jan 5, 2008
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    I just did this an it works perfectly! My M3i cart does not have anything written on the top right so I imagine it's not GMP-Z003. Regardless thank you, but I have two questions.

    1.) ROMs are working great and it's all working perfectly, but I did not run M3GUpdaterPlus_142. Is this wrong? Is there some reason everyone says I should run the M3GUpdaterPlus_142 file using a DS Lite/DSi first?

    2.) It states, "(For the detail of installing the system or "M3SAKURA", please read the corresponding instruction.)" but I do not see any corresponding instructions. I'm not sure how to install M3Sakura but would really really love to have it back.
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