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    Jul 21, 2007
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    whenever i try to play most games on it, it eventually gives me the error "unable to read the data please turn the power off and reinsert the Game Card"

    do i need to patch the games i play or something?

    thanks... i really wanna play mario kart if possible :'(
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    I can help. Mine is 2.6 because of donate so most of it are the same as 2.5c which I assume you might have it. Here:

    Here it is -- a no$gba 2.6 version:

    NDS Cartridge Backup Media:


    Here it is:

    1. Go to OPTIONS>EMULATION SETUP and change it to Start Cartridge directly for NDS roms but if you want to play gba roms then change it back to to GBABIOS (Nintendo logo) and go to Option>Save option. Anyway, for the save type... Change it to EEPROM 64k for the most games. Now:

    Click Ok then click Options>Save Options>File>Reset Cartridge

    For Mario kart -- The savetype is--- FLASH 256kbytes

    ENJOY! [​IMG]