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Discussion in '3DS - Nintendo Network' started by Ketchup901, Apr 11, 2016.

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    So my NNID did not work (error code 022-2501), so I formatted my emuNAND (with TinyFormat) because I heard that it would make it work again. After doing this however, it said it is already linked to a system. So I figured it was still linked to the old instance, if that makes sense. I e-mailed Bergsala AB support (the Nintendo reseller in Sweden) to make them unlink my NNID, and this is roughly what he told me:

    So, if I send him the actual serial number of my console, can he help me with that, or will it simply just alert him that there's something shady going on with my 3DS, and ban my NNID?

    Also kind of unrelated, although not really: What happens if I format my emuNAND through system options and how is it different from using TinyFormat?
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    It's safe. Just don't mention what you did that caused it.
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    Formatting from System Settings connects to Nintendo's servers to unlink the NNID on the server side. TinyFormat doesn't do this. However, I didn't think that would cause issues linking the NNID again on the same console. Maybe they changed it recently.
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