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    Nitrotracker (a music making app/tracker) has been updated for the first time in a while, download: thanks to cornaljoe for alerting me to this one

    The biggest bit of news is that it uses DLDI (Dynamically Linked Device Interface) now and for those not knowing what DLDI is here is a quick rundown:
    Originally when DS homebrew first appeared people stuck with using file systems created to contain stuff for GBA (many of you will have heard of GBFS ( ) or moonshells imfs).
    Eventually it was found that you could read data right off the card, naturally every card decided to be different and not work with each others access routines.
    As card access is fairly low level programming libraries were made so as to delegate cart reading to the libraries, the eponymous gba_nds_fat by Chism (now superseded by libfat) probably being the most renowned of the lot (there are other libraries and the DSlinux project uses their own).
    Naturally not every card had access routines and sources necessary and well as the ability to play nice with other cards meaning they were not supported in the libraries and consequently homebrew that uses it.
    This caused a lot of headaches on the card owners end, card reviewers end, forum viewers end, app programmers end (see all the versions of DSOrganise around) as things would have to be recompiled with new libraries (something end users are loathe to do) and it was all a mess.

    Now Moonshell uses the method of having a windows installer which the user makes into a useable file for their flashcart and very recently chism added similar fuctionality to his libraries (a new version of gba_nds_fat was also made despite being an discontinued project) meaning that any app made using the new libraries has some blank space added will merely have to be patched on the users end to support their cart.
    There are already versions of moonshell, DSdoom and a couple of other apps using DLDI going around and this is just one of them.
    Patchers (all three major OS') and libraries required (see GBAdev and your carts support forum for prototype library discussion and downloads if one does not exist on the link below)

    Features, changelog etc:

    * DSMIDIWiFi support
    * The song restart position can now be set.
    * WAV preview in the file selector
    * Pause/Resume
    * Pattern looping
    * Reboot DS (press Start+Select)


    * Some nice icons :-)
    * Shrinking the pattern cannot destroy data any more. If you accidentally make a pattern too small, you can just enlarge it again and your data is still there.
    * Speed can now be adjusted while playing.
    * The pattern can be switched while playing.
    * Newer touch code => Better touchscreen accuracy
    * The "clr" button is now on both screens.
    * Lines between all rows for better orientation
    * Red border when in record mode => Record mode is more obvious
    * An application icon


    * Relnote/finetune calculation for wavs works again.
    * 8bit wavs are now loaded correctly without corruption.
    * Stereo samples are now downsampled to mono.
    * Better card support through new fatlib and DLDI
    * An EZ4 Lite is included (.ds.gba)
    * Fading no longer causes corruption on longer samples.
    * "ins" is now 100% stable.
    * Moved to devkitPro r19b.
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    Dec 29, 2006
    Does it work with the R4DS?
  3. FAST6191

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    The following cards have confirmed working DLDI support and I know there are a few others in the works so to speak. The R4 DS is one of them so I would guess that it does however I do not have one as I plan on waiting for the hype to settle down before I consider jumping off that cliff.

    Ewin2 (SD Card)
    EZ Flash 4
    G6 Flash
    M3 Adapter (Compact Flash)
    M3 Adapter (SD Card)
    GBA Movie Player (Compact Flash)
    NEO Flash MK2 & MK3 (SD Card)
    NEO2 (SD Card)
    Ninja DS (SD Card)
    R4(DS) - Revolution for DS
    SuperCard (Compact Flash)
    SuperCard DS (Slot-1)
    SuperCard (SD Card)
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    Mar 23, 2006
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    still no FT2 effects support?
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    Dec 29, 2006
    That's great can't wait for my sd card to arrive so I can try the little white reflective sticker thing out. [​IMG]
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    can someone post a download link for this because I cant download from the site. Thaks in advance.