Nintendo Switch Mini Seemingly Leaked By Chinese Accessory Maker

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    Sep 11, 2018
    According to the recent rumors, Nintendo could be planning on launching a couple of new Nintendo Switch consoles later this year. One of the models is said to be an upgraded version of the current Switch where it will feature an upgraded version of the NVIDIA Tegra X1 chipset. The other version is said to be a more affordable version of the Switch designed to be portable.

    It seems that the existence of the latter console could have been revealed, according to a recent tweet by WickedCoolToys’ CptxAlex. According to the tweet, it seems that he received an email from a Chinese accessory maker who claims to have plans to release new accessories for what they are calling the “Nintendo Switch Mini”.
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    Aug 28, 2018
    seems to be a fan drawn picture you are referring to. But yes sounds like August/September for at least one more revised console.

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    Don't take me seriously, but IMO the render looks more llike a sort of placeholder until the final design is announced, and that should be very soon.

    I hope they make the d-pad feel like as the GBA SP one (the best d-pad ever in my opinion) and less fragile joysticks, this will be focused in portability so that should be the main focus. Also let's not forget of design variety, in the main console we have only different colored joycons, maybe with the mini there will be more colors and special edition units like the 3DS era, even we could see the official release of themes for the home menu (finally).
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    Dec 4, 2018
    Read this too. The first report of new Switches talked 'bout SUMMER...
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    This is a fan-made render, and should not be treated as confirmation of any upcoming products. (source)
    Often accessory manufacturers try to pre-empt product announcements and release things in advance. Actually this happens a lot with mobile accessories, around September I get emails about accessories for unannounced iPhone models and they tend to feature fan-made renders that were probably used without the original creator's permission. And almost always, these products turn out to be way off. I remember last year seeing a tablet case that was sold before the purported iPad was even announced, and it turned out to be missing several critical ports and was completely inaccurate.
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