Nintendo needs to pick up the pace!

Discussion in 'Switch - Games & Content' started by Velanator, Apr 13, 2017.

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    ok so we have a console slightly stronger than the wiiu, and I know that Nintendo is a content-based company but come on! These eshop games are a joke! 3rd party companies are releasing game that a freakin iPhone can run easily. And a lot of them are RPG games that look 8bit from what I've seen. The only 2 games, (other than lego city), that are taking advantages of the switch's graphics power is snake pass and neo racing thing (sorry don't know the name). Seriously we have a console hybrid that can run unreal engine 4... why the hell aren't the 3rd parties taking advantage of it. Even seeing minecraft come out for Switch is annoying because we all know it's going to be overpriced yet again and the worlds are probably the same small size as the wiiu. Minecraft story mode is coming out freaking 10 dollars more than what Xbox one and PS4 has to offer. At this point I can't see Nintendo improving the eshop with virtual console either. This is the first time they have a online console without the classic games it's really just sad. It makes me feel like the Switch is incomplete. Kinda like an infinite warfare situation where there were no leaderboards or combat records from the start. If Nintendo said porting games would be easy for 3rd party developers, why is skyrim releasing in the fall, so far away still. Yes Breath of the wild is a game to keep you busy but it's not enough. Not to mention that Mario kart 8 deluxe is just the same game as before exept for 4 new characters and a battle mode updated that not a lot of people play. Why am I gonna pay 60 dollars for the same exact game when I spent 80 dollars on a digital copy from wiiu give us a discount at least. Please! Nintendo pick up the pace!
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    Nintendo is trying to space releases out in a steady flow instead of a major rapid burst. The Wii U had tons of titles, and then huge gaps of time with no new games. They are trying to avoid the mistakes they made on the Wii.

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