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Discussion in 'Switch - Games & Content' started by T-hug, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Even down to the UI the Switch feels like a beta version of the Wii U but with slightly better graphics. I like my Switch but instead of the red logo, Nintendo should have stuck with blue and called the damn thing Wii 3 or Wii U Pro. I'm not hating on this. I am VERY much a fan of the Wii/Wii U years and style of gaming. I just find it ironic since just a little over a year ago, Nintendo was all like: This ain't no Wii. Wii is dead! It's gone mutha***ka! (Mario voice) Guessa what... it's a Wii! Mama Mia!
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    wiiu gamepad didnt work well beyond 8ft though and it was a surprise minidirect, im hopefully assuming these games are covering the inbetween months for new games. pikmin was a rumor two years ago along with other games they showed already, yoshi...
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    I can’t see why they couldn’t have had both DKCR games bundled together, along with the optional easier additions put in to the 3DS DKCR port.
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    Nice, I was hoping for a Mario Tennis or Strikers game. Also looking forward to Celeste, Dark Souls, and Ys.
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    2018 just started and Nintendo is already building a momentum. Great job Nintendo!
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    People who write "Switch will be forgotten like Wii U" or "Switch will be a failure like Wii U" simply don't know what they're talking about.
    For a handful of porting? Those games will sell no matter how salty you are because not all Switch owners have had Wii U. The only thing that is arguable is the price.
    New games will come. It's absurd to think otherwise. Some of them have already been announced.

    A clarification: Mario Kart DX or Pokken DX are not technically GOTY (game+dlc) because there are some modes and characters not present in the Wii U version (Pokken WiiU have no Dlc at all) and even if it were straight ports 1:1 it's not like "press compile button and done". Do not talk as if you were a game developing experts.

    I repeat: the only thing that is arguable is the price.
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    I think the 10 million sold units doesn't agree with you. I think it's a good idea they pushed away from the Wii name since it was already confusing for the normal consumer.
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    all I want is for there to be Sunshine DLC where its isle delfino again...with fludd...or just a sequel or HD remaster
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    They aren't ruining anything. If you don't want them, don't buy them.
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    Ports are not doing anything bad. The Wii U had the paradox of having far better first-party titles than the Wii, with little gems, but selling like steaming shit. Think of it guys, most of people targetted by the Switch didn't have a Wii U. Porting them to the Switch is actually a neat idea IMO.
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    It’s not bad that they’re doing the port, the bad thing is that they’re doing the ports instead of develop new games.

    Nintendo: You want a new Mario kart ? Here comes Mario kart 8 Deluxe
    Consumer: Wait a minute...that’s not a new game it’s just a port, what’s about Mario kart 9?
    Nintendo: you got Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Kart 9 will come with Our new console in few years but we will release a purchasable DLC very soon .

    Everybody who own a Wii U and waiting for new games are fu**ed by Nintendo, but hey: you have the chance to buy the same game again for the same price you payed for the Wii U version...that’s so sweet isn’t it?
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    TWIWY makes me wish for dualscreens again. It is unfortunate there isn't a splitscreen mode.
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    People can be as dissapointed as they want, I know I'm hyped for the new Mario Tennis game that got announced:hrth::hrth::hrth::hrth:
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    Good news:

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    Oh whoops I'm out of the loop with that one then!
  16. LightyKD

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    From the POV of us Wii U owners, it would be one thing if Nintendo gave Wii U owners of these ports a discount. To expect us to pay 50+ dollars for a game that we paid 60 for, about 2+ years ago is utter bullshit. Besides, do we even have a survey on Switch owners that are not Wii U owners? I would love to see the numbers and find out which percentage of the "Switch owning" population skipped out on the last console.
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    nintendo only allows a limited run though of pyshical copies though of titles. Always have. So if you want a copy of a out of press title, you are looking at a high mark up. ususally like a 15 to 45 dollars more then it's original price. More if it is never been open'd and a first run, (non select version). Nope body wants to pay that mark up. you can say digital is an option but the wii u sold like crap. it was an indursty record flop. not much of a customer base there n the switch ports are for the never owned a wii u crowd. Nintendo did give an upgrade discount for repurchases of vc titles. So there is a small hope nintendo could do the same for the small amount of wiiu titles bought digitally before
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    While I love my Wii U, I can't say I agree with the assertion that it has far better first-party titles than the Wii.
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    I just noticed that the girl at the end of TWEWY trailer is Hype-chan
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    Hm fascinating post that says much about you, you have a Wii U, which sold poorly and around 12 million in 5 years worldwide and say that more people shouldn't be able to play the fantastic games that were on the Wii U, so basically this post is a big F you to people who don't own a Wii U? That's the gist im getting from you.

    Switch sold more units than Wii U within 1 year, also I will add a very long post but those Wii U games cost Nintendo alot of money to develop and they probably didn't make enough throughout Wii U lifetime to offset the development costs, so why not bring them over to Switch, not only will more people be able to play it but also Nintendo will make money to offset the development costs.

    Also one more thing buddy, you may think ports are bad but not if you can take them on the go, with you everywhere, Nintendo has a porting team that's porting these Wii U games, while there main team is working on new titles, it takes time to create new games, look at last year and all those new Nintendo games, you do realize that yes this year will be a year full of Wii U ports but it also helps Nintendo develop games longer and you do want games as great as BOTW and Mario Odyssey, don't you? Well that takes time, they cant just whip one out just for you within a year, it's not like in the NES days, these ports are helping sell more Switches and Nintendo needs to keep the momentum up, not like with Wii U, where there was absolutely no momentum and it took forever to get a new Nintendo game.
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