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    So I have three folders

    5753d05200a59540465e2951545de95d- folder is sysnand according to me because once i removed folder themehax was gone.And it said it needed to install some files as soon as i turned on with folder deleted.THis folder weighs 11mb.

    f38ce8d28b791f06b36515a65b2bde65- folder is emunand since it weighs 1.29gb and i just installed 800mb cia to confirm.

    d6677bf7dbf3bdd5bdd360cc4308e615-folder is 459mb I have NO idea what this is but all I know is if I delete it themehax is fried.

    Could someone out here guide me here? On my o3ds I only have two folders sysnand and emunand. Could someone explain to me whats going on here?
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    There should only be 2 folders, one of them is probably not in use.

    your data doesn't seem consistent.