Ninja Gaiden Black

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    Seriously, fuck Ninja Gaiden Black. I bought this game years ago for my 360 because I had heard so much good about it. Several years later I still haven't finished it. Not because it's hard, but because some technical flaws consistently foil my every attempt to play this damn game. Number one reason being the game save corrupts easy which was intentional so you can't transfer saves. Clearly this game wasn't optimized for the 360 because my 360 RROD's every goddamn year. So even the act of just removing your HDD will corrupt your save. I have literally never encountered a game that forces me to restart so damn often.

    Now after several years of attempting to play this game I have once again tried to play it in hopes that my saves won't be corrupted again but guess what? Now my disc is so old, a few minor scratches causes the disc to be unreadable during the second half of the FIRST FUCKING LEVEL.

    Clearly I wasn't meant to experience this game. There has never been a game that literally does not want to be played no matter how much you want to. I give up. The gaming Gods will not allow me to play this one game. Microsoft can't even get backwards compatibility right.
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    Jul 14, 2008
    Ninja Gaiden Black is one of my favourite games of all time....if i was stuck on a desert island with power that'd be one to come with me.
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    I agree. Fuck this game. I even have Sigma on the ps3, and am reminded every time I load it up how much I want to just execute everyone at Team Ninja for making such a rage-inducing game.