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  1. ChiboSempai

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    Sep 10, 2008
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    I used to know a lot about flash cards for ds and gba a while ago, back in the days of hacking the gba movie player and the m3 just started to come out in its original form as a slot 2 device

    Now im back and looking for a new piece of hardware, and am confused at what to get lol

    I know some of the popular ones now are like the M3 simply and real and the R4 or something like that, and was wondering which is the best to get

    I've also seen the RAM and rumble packs that come with the m3. what exactly does the ram pack do? and the rumble just works as a regular rumble pack for games like metroid pinball and elite beat agents?

    whats the difference between m3 simply and m3 real

    pretty much, i was a good flash card thats slot 1 only that can run all homebrew n stuff no prob, one thats the easiest to use, and that supports micro sdhc

  2. Ssseth

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    Aug 14, 2008
    There are tons of threads all over this forum with this question. Spend a little while reading around and I'm sure you'll find your answer.

    Here is my short and sweet recommendation though.

    Budget option: AceKard 2 (can be had for $12.99 USD shipped from DealExtreme)
    Best card available: CycloDS Evolution (retails for approx $50 USD)
  3. Maz7006

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    Aug 2, 2008

    Welcome back to the world of flashing [​IMG]

    Anyway dont go for the M3 DS Simply or R4, there are much more updated cards with better firmware go here, the guys at GBAtemp have reviewed most of them

    If you are looking to save money go for the DSTT or EDGE or Acekard 2. THe CycloDS is more popular though yet it is more expensive yet it is way better.
    The RAM packs expand the amount of ram in the DS so that you can play GBA games and run software such as the Opera browser. Such slot 2 devices that expand your RAM is the EZflash V, it also gives you the ability to use the rumble in some games.
    As for the difference Between the M3 Simply and M3 Raal is that the M3 Real is a more updated card and has better compatibility. Yet i wouldn't recommend it.

    Hope that answers some questions.
  4. Chrono_Tata

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    Jan 26, 2008
    The M3 Rumble/RAM pack doesn't support GBA roms, just to expand on that point. It only has enough RAM to run the Opera browser. Many people are fooled into buying the Rumble/RAM because of the confusion. If you have a Real and wants native GBA compatibility, get the GBA Expansion Pack, which doesn't have rumble but can run GBA roms. If you get the M3 Real Perfect bundle, it will come with a GBA expansion pack and a separate rumble pack, so that's what you want to get if you want the Real.

    Having said that, I cannot bring myself to recommend getting the Real now, as the only exciting thing about it, the English version of the Sakura firmware, just keeps getting delayed and the hacked Japanese Sakura has too many limitations. It's just overly complicated.

    I would recommend the CycloDS (and if you want to play GBA the EZFlash 3 in 1 to go with it). It's expensive but it's worth it.
  5. ChiboSempai

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    Sep 10, 2008
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    Ok well it seems the best choices are the Acekard or the Cyclops Evolution. I read the reviews (skimmed the AceKard after being tired from reading the incredibly long C Evo review lol)

    They seem quite similar in features, but I kind of like the C Evo (Cyclops Evolution) better. I like that it still has full support with updating its firmware, I like the UI, and more. The price isn't that different, on RealHotStuff it's only an $18 difference, and the C Evo comes with a free 1GB Micro SD at the moment (though I would probably buy a 4gb or something with it, but i could use that 1gb for my phone or something else).

    There is always the impending DSi but I'm sure I'll be stuck with my DSL for a while now lol, and I'll still have it after I get a DSi.

    Now I see that you can run GBA roms with the extra slot 2 device, and theres the option to buy the EZV 3 in 1 Expansion Pack for an extra $20 or so, and I'm guessing this will get me able to run the GBA roms, have compatibility with the DS Browser, and give me a rumble feature? It's pretty ballin to be able to have my GBA roms backed up so I can play them without switching or carrying around bigger cartridges that stick out of my system lol. How do you run the GBA roms from the C Evo menu with the EZV?

    I'm also glad to see that the C Evo is offered in black now (as it wasn't during the time of the review)

    So once I get another paycheck or two, I guess I'll invest in this thing. Though I'm still wondering a few things with those ques I asked

    thx for the help
  6. mcjones92

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    Jul 7, 2008
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    Cheap and very good: Acekard 2 or EDGE (I have them both)
    Expensive and best: CycloDS (I've heard a lot about it)

  7. TrolleyDave

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    edit : nvm, my mistake. I thought he was still talking about the M3 Rumble/RAM.
  8. Slowking

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    Those features that are in the reviews are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay outdated on both the AK2 and the Cyclo, you really shouldn't decide based on them.
    Basically the Cyclo has a great support team, Real Time save, Realtime guide and perfect Wii - DS connectivity. That's what sets it apart from all the other flashcards.
    The Acekard has the most features of all the chep cards and a great menu, so imo it's the second best to get.
    Btw. Realhotstuff isn't exactly the cheapest place to get flashcards apart from the Cyclo.
  9. ChiboSempai

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    Sep 10, 2008
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    o wow the acekard is cheap. i mean the CEvo sounds good, but thats almost $40 difference...
    aside from support (which i mean practically isnt needed at this point since the DS has been around so long I doubt theyl need firmware updates much anymore) is the only difference compatibility?

    what kind of games does the acekard not work with that the CEvo does? does the acekard automatically DLDI patch homebrew? and im guessing the acekard works with just drag n dropping .nds files onto the microSD? (and i can organize them into folders however I want I suppose)

    and the EZF 3 in 1 works with the acekard fine right? How do I run a gba game off it? is there an option to load the gba rom file off of the microSD card while in the acekard?

    and one final question lol which doesn't matter too much but would be nice, when the acekard is in the ds and u turn the system on, does it automatically shoot ya to the acekard menu, or does it go to the ds menu like a regular ds game (and how the C Evo works). i like being at the menu everytime i turn on the system lol

    thx for all the help so far everyone
  10. kevenka

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    Jul 15, 2007
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    Texas are so may be new but you can stop bothering some people by just doing some research on your own through the search engine =/
    You are just being lazy right now -.-