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    Jan 3, 2009
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    hello i was reading about making the new mario game work and i found this
    i got

    softmod 3.2 U

    For Disc-Loader Users (no ModChip, only cIOS):
    -The patched game works fine with rev14 and NeoGamma/SoftChip.

    ok i have installed a neogamma channel to work with wii resort, so wii resort works fine.

    my question is.

    1. how do i make a patched iso of New Super Mario Bros Wii work with neogamma?
    2. what is rev14?

    i installed a neogamma disk channel to work with wii resort, i downloaded from here, but i dont know if there is a new version that can work with the iso, that is all i know,

    3. is there any new neogamma disk channel that can load NSMBW ?

    i repeat, i want to know what to do , once i have the patched game,...please be detailed cause im confuse.

    4. i want to load NSMB on a neogamma disk channel, can i do that?
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    There is an entire thread in the Wii - Hacking section dedicated to New Super Mario Bros. and includes instructions on patching the game.

    rev14 = cIOS rev14
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    Seriously there is like 20 + topics about getting this game to work.
    Try searching or looking on page 2,3,4, ext..

    There's a huge 200+ page thread just about getting this game to work .Lemme guess you searched but it didn't show up.

    Everytime you need an answer its not going to be on page 1 right at the top like you expect it to be.