New PC now or later ?

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by Youkai, May 19, 2009.

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    Well i definietly need to buy a new pc sooner or later because my CPU sucks to bad and on my great mainboard i can only use a single core processor.
    Now i am only not sure about the time to buy a new PC because i am not that much into Hardware anymore (2-3 years back i had some PC hardware nerds that allways gave me the newest infos) and i am not sure if its worth to get a X4 or i7 or if there will be something new in a "short" time like mostly so it will get cheaper ...

    If I would buy now i think i would get me a Intel® Core™ i7-920

    (sadly i need close to everything new -.-V)


    meh just read that at least the i7 is no good for games -.-V thats why i am asking here ... on my own i would have bought something bad now maybe ...
  2. playallday

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    May 23, 2008
    I would get a AMD 9850 or a AMD 9950. I paid $140CA for my 9850 and I'm loving it [​IMG] . Temps are a bit high so make sure you get a good cooler.
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    @ op: you're correct. at this point, quad cores are pretty useless as programs aren't fully programmed to utilize em yet (hell even with duo core). your much better off getting like a 2.5 at least duo core, 9700gt (or greater) graphics card, and about 3 gigs of ram. you should be set for the next few years.
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    Not good for games, what are you crazy? i7 will play your games just fine, but most games won't be able to utilize all 4 cores... Most games aren't even programmed for 2 cores... Some new ones that are coming are starting to support multiple cores. If you're just planning to play games i7 may be overkill but if you want to run a lot of VMs or something then i7 will be great for you.
  5. Maz7006

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    Aug 2, 2008
    COuldn't have been said any better

    i7 is overkill

    a. expensive
    b. you'll need an X58 Motherboard , expensive
    c. you might as well then go DDR3 with the RAM, expensive

    When you go higher, everything else will have to aswell

    My advice is wither to follow da_head, or if you want a resonable PC that can play games pretty much at high everything go for

    a. 790i Sli mobo
    b. 2 9800GTX's in Sli
    c. 3GB or 4GB of DDR3
    d. Core2, and overclock that thing [​IMG]

    With a setup like that, you'll be fine for years to come [​IMG]
  6. Jiggah

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    As people have said, you don't need an i7. It's a great cpu though because of the way they changed the memory controller. I got mine a couple weeks ago. The only negative is that it runs really, really hot. If you look at almost any sites, they recommend not using the stock cooler and getting the ultra bulky cooler for this CPU. For gaming, a nice Core 2 Duo will do just fine and they are cheaper. The benefits of DDR3 aren't that great over DDR2, so here if you can find DDR2 cheaper then you'll probably get more bang for your bucks. I'd recommend going with the GTS 250s, if you consider a 9000 series. Also, the ATI ones are priced competitively and are pretty nice as well. The 250s are rebadged, with slight modifications (shorter board and most have only a single connector) over the 9800GTX+ and I believe they also run cheaper. Even with SLI for the 9000/200 series, you probably won't need more than 600W for a PSU.

    The only more expensive part is the CPU by about 100 dollars more. Everything else can be found at approximately the same value.

    Here's what I have in mine.

    Core i7 920
    Nvidia GTS 250 w/ Zalman VF1000 (the stock cooler sucked hard, this is equivalent of the Gigabyte GTS 250)
    6 gb G.Skill DDR3
    Sony DRU-720A (firmware changed to an 800) - salvaged
    550 Antec Neopower modular PSU. - salvaged
    CM 690 case.
    1xMaxtor HDD and 1xWD HDD. - salvaged

    Also, the idea of waiting now or later is sort of ridiculous. You'll always be waiting for the next change.
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    Sep 24, 2008
    You know from a person who doesn't have any prior knowledge on building a computer. I can say that does it really matter how freakin' fast/powerful the computer is? Let's all be honest here, if you pay like 1k-2k dollars in modeling a computer to run highly-graphic games like Crysis then you just shooting yourself in the freakin' foot! Why?!?

    Because over the years, everything BREAKS down; this is coming from a person who had to rebuild the computer from scratch because the old Compaq PC started breaking down in 2007 when it was bought around 2002. The motherboard had to be replace, the Power Supply, RAM, CPU, everything except for the tower. Then last year the Hard Driver that came with it started to fuck up. Most people think that building something that's man made is suppose to last forever, that's not true!

    Hey! If you want to buy the most expensive stuff just make your computer go faster, stronger than before be my guess. Remember that you also have to pay for anti-virus, spyware, and etc. In the end those might not work any more then you will have to spend more money! So please be grateful what you have now because you might need that money for something else!
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    May 11, 2009
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  9. Youkai

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    1. thanks for the answers.

    2. I was thinking of getting at least something close to what is the best currently because those phrases like "it will be enough for years" somehow never come true -.-V
    i build my current pc completely alone as well btw i had a friend with me while buying the hardware and he was like "this is ok you don't need anything better for many years" and well my pc is now close to 2 years and even older games have bad lags and not only games some programms run rather slow as well.

    3. Why do i need a good pc ? well ok mainly for gaming thats true (even thaught i don't play any shooter so no shooting into anyones foot XD)
  10. Joe88

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    well for X58 you have no choice, DDR3 or bust

    for a core 2 duo/quad build
    a GTX275 would be better, you want to avoid SLing older cards, and buy the most expensive single GPU card you were going to buy for the price of the 2 cards
    also considering the 9800GTX+ is old tech, recycled from the 8800GTS 512MB G92, then recycled again in the GTS250

    also if this isnt a core i7 build, best to go with DDR2, DDR3 will create a bottleneck and is a waste of money with a core 2 cpu