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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by locomia, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. locomia

    locomia Member

    Mar 29, 2009
    Hello buddies!

    I have an european wii, it was firmware 3.3E until yesterday. Wiikey 2 with latest firmware (odissey), HC with Gecko OS and Wanincocko´s Backup Loader running from an Sd card.

    I was able to run most of the backups, some direct from the disc channel, other ones through the BL or Gecko OS.

    But, I´ve downloaded some new games (wii sports resort, new super mario bros, muramasa - the demon blade) that does not work any way.I´ve tried multiple different torrents (with tags like: pal, ntsc, scrubbed, etc. ) With New super mario bros scrubbed, i got an error already when I insert the disc, it says to eject it and reboot. With another NSMB, I got the error 002. With Muramasa, through Backup Loader, it gives an error like "no cIOS" or "no IOS" I don´t remember. Using Gecko OS, it says "IOS50 is needed" (or something like this, I didn´t take note). I got a 002 error with another Muramasa, also;

    One of the discs gave the "Wii update" on the disc channel, and I did it,with the hopeness of installing that needed cios or ios, it was stupid I know, I have read on a buch of places it´s always better to keep the old firmwares.

    It update the wi to the 4.1E. Weel, after that, it seems to remain working the same, I´ve tested some games on disc channel and BL, and they worked, so this update did not look to have limited me on any way.

    Th games above remained not working.. One of the Muramasa discs showed the game on the disc channel, I entered on it, it played the introduction and the instructions of how to strap the wiimote on your hand, but then it gave an error about missing system files, but with characters from the game, different from the previous errors described above.

    My questions:

    1- Is it recommended to downgrade my Wii, once the games compatibility seems to be not affected by the update?
    2- Is there any newer or more often backup laucher I should try? I don´t want to use USB or SD loader, but if they are the best ones for newer games, I could think on buy an external HD an try...
    3- About these messages about cios or ios on these games, are them related to the discs I´m trying, or to the wii system files?
    4- I´ve seen things about unscramble or unscrub discs to fix the 002 error, but the unscrubber/unscrambler software are very diccult to use and take so long time to do each task, so I prefered to donwload "unscrubbed" isos, instead of doing lots of boring tries... Is there an Universal fix to install on the wii and eliminate the 002 error forever??
    5- Is it possible to transform my PAL wii on a NTSC one, using firmwares with U letters intead of the E? I´ve read on some place it has the best often compatibility..

    I hope ou can help me on these. I already read and tried a lot but could not pass this point by myself. Thanks in advance.

    Regards, locomia
  2. Krestent

    Krestent What to post?

    Mar 31, 2009
    United States
    Get a newer bacup loader (neogamma r8 beta 17)
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