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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by Sailor, Feb 1, 2008.

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    After trying SOO hard to get my dad to buy a new computer over last summer..he decides to buy one like 1 hour ago. Why? Because my sisters wanted to use it for a project that's due 1 MONTH from now...and I said no because I was busy [​IMG]

    So of course, he asks me to find a good computer under $500 (preferably with a screen), and he'd buy it. Dunno whether it goes to me or my sisters, but I really hope it goes to me :\
    I use the computer WAY more..and this one only has 512mb ram, and 100GB HDD :'[ Anyway, that's not what this thread is about. I'm having trouble finding a good desktop for that price, the best one I found was a HP Dual Core, 2gb RAM with 500GB HDD. That's ok, but I haven't really heard SPECTACULAR things about a Dual Core processor.

    So, I thought I'd come here [​IMG] You guys helped me before, so I'd like to ask for you help again please :]
    Any suggestions? Oh..and I MIGHT be looking into building a computer, because I heard that's pretty cheap (cheaper than buying brand names), but honestly..I don't trust myself building one because I wouldn't know what to do if it broke...and also, I have no idea how to build one. So thing of that as a 2nd resort..but if it's really a drastic price difference, I may just do it :\
    Though I'd feel kinda awkward without a warranty of some sort....
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    Try these sites for questions of this nature.....they would be able to help you MUCH better: (or .net)

    Both of those sites have been a huge help to me when I first got into building PC's.

    Hope that helps you.
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    Lol, at the same little mall where I got my R4 from they sell computers that are good for super low prices. Like what you want is like 275 bucks or something. They have one with 2 GB RAM and 200 GB HDD drive and a 19" monitor for 550 or something. Plus it's black and shexy. In Canada dollars though. [​IMG] Good computers at good prices are out there, just gotta find them. Try the little Asian malls, if they are any close to you.
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    buying a pc for $500 is kinda a waste imho. Then again you could go with an hp. there pretty good, and if and when you got some money you could put some extra ram and a video card.