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    [​IMG] New Caisse DS
    Compo version

    Caisse DS has had a minor update which includes a correction of 2 levels and a completed check of the 500 included levels. From that update and while getting ready for the Nintendomax/PAlib/PortableDEV compo this new version was born.

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    Love the use of the Earthbound Sprite.
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    Feb 1, 2008
    I think you need to be a bit careful of this update.

    When I tried it on my R4 it lost all my results, I've played this game for a while and suddenly I was back at level one. Rats!!

    A restore of the save file from backup fixed that and I've gone back to the older version (13 Sept 2008) but make sure you have a backup of your save file before you try this release.

    OK, What has happened is this, the location for the save file NEWCDS.SAV has changed from the root of the microSD to a folder called kukulcan which has to be in the root of the microSD, annoying but it can be hidden. If you copy your old save file from the root into this new folder then your old progress and score will be remembered. Yay.