New 3DS XL - Charging but not?

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    So long story short, for some reason..., I accidentally powered on my unit with the battery contacts the wrong way and poof the lights went out :( this was in August.since then I have replaced the power board and have had to purchase a new battery (the old battery after the incident appears to be over discharged)

    Since I have installed all the replacement parts unit now powers on and appears to be fully function. However I dont appear to be able to get the battery to fully charge.its been pluged in for 24hrs plus, the home screen recognizes the unit is plugged in, the charge light is on, unit is on ,but the battery upon inspection is cool to the doesn't appear that the unit is charging?

    I have a multimeter and have tested the battery contacts of the unit with battery removed and have also tested the power connector where the power cord connects to the unit while plugged into wall; about 3.38 comes out of the battery contacts of the 3ds and about 4.7 volts comes into the charge port from the charger.

    Any options/opinions/advice would be great

    Would be terrific if someone could also confirm voltages reads I am getting are normal.

    I am also now given my situation looking for an external battery pack that can be seperatly charged from the unit and prefebly without having to be removed but one does not appear to exist.
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