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    EDIT: The 1.0.1 update (v65536) seems to have removed support for external files. It may be possible to use the language folders instead, but I'm not sure yet and don't have time to experiment right now. For now I have to recommend that if anyone wants external modules they should not update the game. Most of what the update and DLC adds can be added on externally anyway, though maybe not all (I'm not sure just yet.)

    I just thought I'd impart a bit of good news here. The first thing I did when I got the game was to extract its files to see about potential moddability. What I saw was that it is laid out almost exactly the same as the PC version of NWN:EE. It has a few more overrides and some Switch-specific compiled shaders (which I don't know how to edit -- too bad, some of the effects do need toning down IMO -- maybe editing the shd files will produce something positive there) but as far as I can tell everything else is exactly mirroring the PC version. I don't think even the textures are different -- though I haven't messed with them yet. The folder layout uses the folder names from the PC NWN:EE version as well (eg hk, mod, mus, txtp instead of erf, etc.) I've thrown in a few modules and the CEP files and was able to load things requiring CEP from the main menu without any crashes or errors -- though I haven't had time to test extensively (eg it may not have actually tried to show anything using CEP custom content, particularly textures, in the quick testing I did.) I didn't have the DLC yet (no eShop access on my CFW system) but I was able to copy the nwm files from my GoG version of the game into the nwm folder and they showed up as premium modules in the Switch version without any problem (which is probably how the DLC actually sets up the filesystem layout.) It looks like they've chosen to keep things as simple as was possible in the process so didn't change things around.

    It's sort of funny that via CFWs one can get more out of this game than Beamdog themselves can ever officially offer. However, it's worth noting that by keeping the structure the same they did make it possible to officially add modules via DLC (free or otherwise) later in addition to what officially comes with the game through online access. They could patch in necessary hak/etc files via a DLC install to add on virtually anything. The menus load everything the same way as in the PC version with the "other modules" loading .mod files from the romfs /data/mod folder and premiums loading .nwms from the /data/nwm folder so the game straight out of the box is already ready for adding on whatever.

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to mod the font too. The defaults are awful. The normal "high resolution" (for low DPI) font is pretty ugly and doesn't scale well with the interface (you pretty much have to use a 2x multiplier -- particularly if you play on a TV) and the "low resolution" (for high DPI) font is WAY too big even without the multiplier causing many things to not fit right.

    I haven't messed with it, but I believe it is actually also possible to add on external content via save management. It appears to mimic the user's "My Documents" NWN folder layout (full folder names/etc rather than the shortened ones) from the PC version. The disadvantage to this is the save itself will, of course, have to load to NAND (and with CEP/etc it's easy to add on another 10GiB or so to the game's total size) but a possible advantage is you could technically hack in a modified save on a system not running a CFW (if you do it via direct mounting you could even do it without the system ever running any unsigned code outside of RCM so it wouldn't even be physically possible for Nintendo to detect.) I would think that this wouldn't be detectable unless they explicitly looked for it (which I just don't see happening because the team is laid back enough to leave a targa graphic file called "beamdoge" in the ovr folder that I'm betting is not implemented in any part of the game) since it doesn't in any way modify the actual game's operation, though using custom content online might be a different story (or it might not.)
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    are the .ini files moddable? i rather have a hak loaded as a patch rather than unload its content into an override folder.
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    Do you know the correct path to use and place files on the SD card? I got a .mod file working placing it through checkpoint and re-inserting my save...but for bigger .mods or .hak files, it would make more sense to put them in via root/atmosphere/titles/gameid/ etc
  4. Valdrrak

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    is it 010013700DA4A800>romfs>data>mod for the modules?
  5. Valdrrak

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    Sep 15, 2016
    what .mod did you get working? I couldnt get the pretty good character creator to work (the training room thing)
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    I got that exact mod working actually, i backed up my save through checkpoint (this creates a bunch of folders as well as your save folders) then i just put it in the mod folder that it made and re-inserted my save through checkpoint again and it showed up in 'other modules'
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    Great, maybe now I can finally play through Wyvern Crown of Cormyr.

    Heard some not great things about this port though so will have to see.
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    Ah ok awesome, thanks I will try that then. I did try it but I tried it with some other ones that made it freeze on the menu.

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    also what verson did you use, can you link it, maybe I used the wrong one.
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    Nov 4, 2007
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    The only INI files present in the original game files are for a few of the scripts. I don't know that that does not mean you couldn't provide an INI file along with a module in the normal fashion -- whatever that normal fashion is. I think you forget how this game works though. HAK files aren't forced into every single thing that loads. A module must have a built-in dependency to use one (eg it must be loaded into it in the toolkit) and it ignores all others. Only overrides actually force into everything so must be used sparingly. So you can put all the HAK files in there you want and there will be no harm. A module will only use a provided hak file if it is designed to.

    The v43 character maker worked fine for me. Make sure you're not using the CEP version if you don't have the CEP files present however. It comes in two flavors, one with CEP and one without. If you load the CEP one without the CEP files it should produce an error or maybe outright crash (well, I haven't tested loading something without the proper resources yet.) I was able to load both versions of it fine the other day when I did a quick test of just loading them -- but then, as I said, I do have the CEP files present. I suggest having both versions if you do put on the CEP so you can load a character and setup weapons/armors/etc with CEP content for modules that integrate it and without for those that don't.

    I'm glad to confirm that the save folders do work as user folders to provide content too. I think maybe this would have some potential use, but overall you're probably going to want to use layerfs for the bulk of it if you at all can. Some stuff like the local character vault you'll need to mess with here for stuff you need to be able to modify or delete though since officially romfs is not writable and the game won't modify any content there.

    /atmosphere/titles/010013700DA4A000/romfs/data/mod for modules. I have these folders in my data folder:
    amb - ambient sounds
    dmv - built-in DM local vault (no clue why this is even present actually. No DM tools are provided and probably they won't be.)
    hk - HAK files
    lcv - built-in local vault (these will appear as stock and can't be deleted or overridden -- it uses the save for writing these.)
    mod - Modules
    mov - Video files (not sure yet if BIK works, it may require wbm)
    mus - Background music
    nwm - Premium modules
    nwsyncmigrations - not sure what this is -- something to do with a database.
    prt - Character portraits (I think it exports whatever you use into your save, so it may be able to share online maybe)
    scr - scripts (I don't think anything messes with this?)
    tlk - Not there by stock. I created it and put my tlk files there and it seems to work fine.
    txtpk - Contains the stock texture packs. I put my CEP .erf files here and while I haven't tested extensively, it didn't crash, so I think it's the correct folder for them. I have no clue why they didn't just leave it named erf if so (that was one thing that annoyed me about NWN:EE when I first got it. Why did they change the folders?)

    There is also /atmosphere/titles/010013700DA4A000/romfs/ovr for the overrides. The Switch has a little bit more in here than the PC version did, but most of it doesn't need messing with. Since the Switch version doesn't have a panel to control the extra shaders it adds on though it might be useful to modify some of the shader files. I think I did successfully disable DOF by editing fsFBDOF.shd to basically do nothing (I commented out everything in the main function so it's basically now just void main () { } .) This is also where the Galahad.ttf and tnr.ttf files are (the stock tnr.ttf is also Galahad.) I think when "use high resolution font" is turned off, Galahad.ttf does the overhead text and the bottom chat box while tnr.ttf does the normal dialog boxes. It seems like there is a third font (maybe built in?) for all the rest and the "high resolution" font. It looks like you can add a .txi file to specify the font size and etc, but I don't know much about messing with those yet. (I have gotten the text to look a lot better in the dialog boxes at least, though the chat box can be a tad hard to read -- mind you, its biggest problem is the background transparency being so high.) I'm not quite sure how people edited the actual box layouts and such and I think I'll just change the font and its size a bit without messing with that. Ironically, so far the best font I've tried in there was "Nouveau IBM" which is really more like a console font or something -- but it seems to work surprisingly well in this game. If I could figure out how to replace the "high resolution" font with it it would be great. /ovr has two folders, ./shaders and ./switch_shaders. ./shaders has .cso files which I think are compiled HLSL shaders (I don't know much about these, but I think this is actually standard so someone who does can probably do a lot with this, but I found this string in the files: "Microsoft (R) HLSL Shader Compiler 10.1 ISGNP") ./switch_shaders has files with no extension and no such string with a lot more strings that look like code inside them (making me think they are some sort of simpler, barely "compiled," shaders.) I provided a Galahad.txi file and the game seemed to use it, so it seems overrides for stuff like this can be added as well.

    ./data/nwm/XP1-Chapter 1.nwm
    ./data/nwm/XP1-Chapter 2.nwm
    ./data/scr/custom on spawn in.txt
    ./data/scr/Custom OnSpawn script nocomments.txt
    ./data/scr/Custom OnSpawn script.txt
    ./data/scr/Custom OnUserDefinedEvent script.txt
    ./data/scr/paladin 15.ini
    ./data/scr/ranger 15.ini
    ./data/scr/user defined events.txt

    PS. Here is the beamdoge image because that's super important or something probably:
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    Awesome, I was able to get the character creator room working with checkpoint. Thanks for the update Nazosan let me recheck my title id because I tried putting a bunch of modules and the premium ones in the layeredfs but they didnt showup ingame.

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    Yup, awesome I had a number wrong in the title ID now they are all showing up. Thanks for the clarity. Did you say you got that big 5gb community patch working? does it affect your load times by much or is it more just on demand?

    Oh dam. so I have that character creator room working but trying the wanderer I just get an error saying the module you selected has not been installed so idk, I never played around with the PC version so I am not sure about this error.
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    I think it's pretty much mostly on-demand. Some modules can take a while for that "unpack" process on initial load, but I've seen this from modules (particularly some premiums) without CEP or similar content. I don't know if it's any longer than on the PC version (which can also take a while on those same modules.) I think there might be some content that has to be loaded up early like maybe textures (I seem to recall the game wanted to fit them into VRAM or something didn't it? Back in the day when some videocards actually didn't have that much VRAM this actually mattered.)

    If you're talking about the function I think you are I haven't tested it, but be absolutely sure that you have the filename exactly right. It may even be case sensitive. Also, for some reason they want you to leave off the .mod at the end when giving it the filename. *Shrug* It shouldn't be too big of a deal though. Export your character, go back to the main menu, then load the module you want and select the character. That also leaves the exported character ready and waiting for other modules anyway.

    BTW, I got the v65536 update patch (1.0.1) and... someone at Beamdog accidentally packed in a number of win32 binaries that are just so wildly useless on the Switch... Funny thing is it included the Galaxy.dll and Galaxy64.dll files from the GoG version of the game which I don't think were in their own client's version (though I don't care to reinstall just to find out.) They also included GFFEditor.exe and nwhak.exe in the utils folder. I just... I don't even know how that happens... Humorously I see they elected to go with the notoserif font for font number three. That was the font I had almost 100% settled on using in my own testing before I ran across the other that seemed to work just ever so slightly better for me personally. I guess someone over there agreed with the initial assessment that it works out a bit better at such a small size versus the stock font. Lol, Beamdog, if you're reading this thread, give Nouveau IBM a look too! :rofl2: (Get those Galaxy binaries out of there ASAP though...)

    EDIT: Looks like the DLC left out Infinite Dungeons and Tyrants of the Moonsea from the premium modules that GoG does provide. I haven't tested them yet. (I am a bit curious about Infinite Dungeons. I remember being super upset that, back in the day, the DRM in it forced it to do a very slow online check every time you saved even... Should do a lot better without DRM. However, I have to admit that as far as procedural generated games goes, NWN isn't really an ideal target, lol.) It seems pretty wrong that days consist of too much work for too little pay followed by too little of actually having your own life to do with as you please.
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  13. someonenoone11


    Aug 12, 2016
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    You can either put everything in the override folder which doesn't work all the time for some reason, my face mods were distorted and failed in the override folder, or you can put everything in a hak file and then have a .ini file designate that hak file as a patch to override everything.
  14. pfcacklefanny

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    I'd be interested in knowing if Infinite Dungeons works out ok. In the Beamdog forums they said they didn't include it due to an issue with the saves it generates - that apparently saves can expand in size to the point of there being no space left/the game failing to save much later along in the module. That's like...the one premium module I wanted to play a bunch so if we can just load it in I'm fine with taking a risk on it.

    Funny how that's the reason yet it's in the mobile version, you'd think if it eating up storage space was an issue like that they wouldn't include it on similarly limited devices but whatever.
  15. Nazosan

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    I'll admit I haven't gotten around to testing it significantly yet. It sounds like a normal test would be insufficient though. From what you say it needs a lot of play and saving over time to really test. I can't really do that right now. I started the game and it ran, but it did seem to have some hitches. Maybe. But then the Switch NWN isn't butter smooth in even the official campaign, so that may not mean anything. I didn't test it for any significant length of time.

    They didn't include it with this if that's what you're saying. I was just saying I grabbed it from my GoG version of NWN:EE and tossed it in the appropriate directory then it showed up in the game's menu as an option. Whether it actually fully works or not I can't say right now, but I can tell you it wasn't included in the dlc.

    Phones/tablets can be a lot more limiting versus the Switch. User accessible NAND (eg the save storage) is quite large, whereas many mobile devices have a significantly more limited storage available to apps (depending on implementation.) Many implement a fairly limited partition for apps to directly access. Though it's worth noting it isn't necessarily so limited in others (again depending on implementation) so that may have been an unfair choice. (My LineageOS devices allow them more or less full internal storage access as far as I can tell.) It's actually not that uncommon for a device to only allow even as little as a gigabyte for apps (which causes no end of grief for end users, so I honestly don't know why companies insist on doing that with their modified non-stock ROMs.) Honestly though, even on PC not everyone has tons of space free (especially on their OS drive.) Particularly with SSD setups. I honestly think that was a bad decision and it should have been left up to the user to try with maybe a warning tacked on in the module description or something.

    Anyway, you want to play it a lot more than I do, so why not go ahead and do so? I just threw it in there so I'd have as much as possible later if I ever need it. I also have a number of third party modules in my list to try, but I actually really wanted to play the original campaign again (I haven't played it since I first got the game, lol) and this has breathed new life into it for me. I wasn't crazy about Infinite Dungeons even back then regardless of the DRM issue but by today's standards its randomly generated dungeons are less fun than many other things out there and just can't compete with a good hand-made module. Infinite Dungeons isn't all that huge on its own anyway (though watch out for saves I guess) so toss it in there and see what happens I guess. Remember, saves on the Switch go into NAND, so keep an eye on it as you go.

    EDIT: Uh oh... We may have a problem here... I'm not seeing any custom content at all. I was going to fire it up and see what happens just to see if it at least starts, but nothing custom is showing up at all now. It may be that update removed support for external data. I can't imagine why they'd do something so horrible, but they may just have.

    EDIT2: I think this is pretty well confirmed. External module/etc support disappeared with the update. I didn't notice at first since I was just using the official campaign. For now do not update the game! It sucks to lose the benefits of the update and the DLC, but I think most of that can be added on externally anyway.

    I'm wondering if it may be that the language data folders should be used instead, but I'm not sure if they even follow the same structure (they just have a tlk file on its own, not in a tlk folder or anything.) I would be interested to know if maybe it shows the external data when one uses an injected save, but my bet is this is gone too. For now I have to strongly recommend anyone wanting external modules and haks should not update the game.
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  16. Valdrrak

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    Sep 15, 2016
    oh sh
    Oh shit, so the update that adds broken multiplayer disables some stuff eh. I have the update and am able to still use the character creator room but I havent gotten other modules like Gladitrix or the wanderer to work. What else does the update do except add broken multiplayer?
  17. Rahkeesh

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    This port is so horrendously bad I don't think I will miss the external module support. Anyone actually paying for this is getting robbed, its not worth playing for free if you have access to any other platform. The freaking starting area of WKoC dropped to like 20-30 FPS! That's absurd for these ancient graphics that I ran on a TNT2!

    Good luck to you guys if you can magically fix this horror show with modding.
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  18. Digi_Ohhh

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    Feb 27, 2017
    I know this is not the place where I should complain, but I really wonder how something like this has passed Nintendo's quality control.
    Here's to hoping you guys can somehow fix this mess.
  19. Valdrrak

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    Sep 15, 2016
    lol the last two commentors. It works fine? I never expected it to be near the PC release but I think it works fine. Key binds and UI could be done abit better but its nowhere near as bad as you guys are talking about. But yea this probably isnt the place to talk about it. Go post of metacritic or something if you want your complaints seen by people.
  20. Nazosan

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    Alright, you didn't even try on that troll attempt. The Riva TNT2 was a venerable card for its time (it pretty much blew the 3DFx Voodoo2 out of the water and, IMO, was actually better than the Voodoo3 in real world practice given in particular that the Voodoo3 really sucked at anything > 16bpp) but it isn't even from the same time era as NWN. For NWN you needed an 8th or 9th generation Geforce card for truly smooth gameplay and even then got some drops. Preferably at least the Geforce 6800 nu (non-ultra.) Of course the ultra would be better, but that one got great settings out of the game and almost never crashed. NWN MIGHT have been playable with a TNT2 (it didn't explicitly require shaders, merely benefited from them) but you would have seen closer to 5 FPS tops with very frequent crashes at best. Speaking from experience, NWN's original engine tended to crash frequently when framerates went that low (that game hated ATi cards. I had a Radeon 9600 Pro when I first got NWN and while it generally handled fairly well, if things got too busy it could crash and framerates were never great. Later on I had a Radeon X850XT-PE because I wasn't ready to buy a whole new motherboard -- which would also have meant CPU at the time -- to go to PCI-E at the time and the X850XT-PE was the most powerful thing ever to come to AGP mostly by sheer brute force more than anything else. NWN actually managed to make that X850XT-PE fall to its knees begging for mercy on a few modules...) To give you an idea of how far off you are on scale, a Geforce 6800 is probably approximately 700 times more powerful than the TNT2. I had my 6800 nu overclocked, cores unlocked, and the VRAM at lower latencies (essentially turning it into almost a 6800 Ultra) and NWN still struggled at times. Speaking of which, which CPU are you claiming to have run NWN on? You would pair a TNT2 with an early era Pentium 3 -- 450MHz or so probably. Even the Xbox 1 (one, not One) the engine (KOTOR) had major load times and lots of frame drops and it had a 733MHz Celeron (alright, that even lower than normal for a Celery stick L2 crippled it a lot, but it still would beat out a 450MHz P3) and a souped up Geforce 3 (roughly equivalent to the GTS probably, though I hear it had some backported GF4 improvements, so for all that the CPU sucked so much the GPU was actually pretty impressive for its time.) But back then with a game like this you were used to and accepted some framerate drops. The game might technically run on something like a Geforce 4 or even a Geforce 3 or maybe even a Geforce 4 MX (actually a GF2, but that hot mess is a different discussion,) but it absolutely would not have run well. A TNT2 isn't even on the map.

    Also, I don't think you even remember what mods were for NWN. We're not talking about modifying graphics settings or something. We're talking about adding in whole game worlds. Even potentially rule changes in some. (I once played one that tried to modify in the 3.5e rules and seemed to do a pretty decent job of it IMO. I think I even recall seeing one that added in god levels -- aka greater than 40.) I suppose it would be possible to downscale textures, but with the way textures handle these days I doubt it would even make a 1 FPS difference if you lowered them while it sure would get ugly. In fact, you can modify some graphics settings it seems (the settings files can be edited inside the save filesystem,) but most things are disabled anyway it seems (I wondered why my disabling DOF made so little difference. It actually already is off, lol.) The problems you're complaining about are how the engine implements things as a whole and would require a complete rewrite of significant portions from scratch (which is not what Beamdog does or ever pretended to do.)

    No, we know you did not play this game on a TNT2 at all. However, I will state absolutely that whatever you did play it on did still experience framerate drops and you just didn't pay attention because it didn't matter. It wasn't about maximizing the numbers, it was about enjoying a good game. Back then. You didn't need 1000 FPS or super realistic graphics barely discernible from life, you needed a game that offered good content. That is what NWN delivered then and it didn't suddenly remove all that it did since then. You are judging a port of a really old game today as if it were made today, but it is a port, not a game that was made today. This isn't The Elder Scrolls: The Hyper-Realstic VR Chronicles, this is NWN.

    I haven't really had time to seriously experiment with it, but I'm thinking it might be possible they've simply moved it all. For now I managed to downgrade my game (not easy, don't ask) and will be really careful about updating it again until I'm absolutely ready. The update changed the game around to go along with the DLC though. The DLC has added language folders (en, pl, etc etc) in the root of the romfs (which means the update must have changed the game to use that since the DLC won't work without it.) My suspicion is that the data has to move to your game's respective language folder (probably en in most of our cases.) What I'm not sure about is if folder structure even remains intact. They placed their languag-specific dialog.tlk files directly in the data folder in each language instead of in a tlk folder. Hopefully if they did just simply move it the folder structure otherwise remains intact. If not, it may be worth trying just dumping all the files directly into that folder and seeing if it works, but I really really hope that isn't the case. Alternately it may even be that they just use a different structure entirely. For example, maybe instead of /data/whatever it's just /whatever with the /language/data actually just being a hardcoded override specific to just dialog.tlk. I'm guessing if you're using some modules that you have them in your user save though? It may still use those folders. Unless one redirect saves to SD (which, last I heard was still buggy wasn't it?) this means you have to load all mod files into the NAND and if you ever want anything that uses the CEP you're looking at losing a lot of space to it. At least we know the Switch doesn't freak out on large amounts of save data. Dragon Quest Builders 2 created a huge > 1GiB save (I think 1.5 or so, but I forget) and no problems there apparently.

    Unfortunately, right now I just don't have the time or energy to really test it out. Most of what the update and DLC adds you can manually add in anyway. I have the modules the DLC adds from the GoG version and it seems to be ok with those, so I use them instead of the DLC. I did copy over some of their override files for the "low resolution" dialog font and it is definitely better than the original. They should have overridden the game's standard font for the Switch version from day one, but I guess they just didn't think of it since it looked mostly ok on PC.

    Actually, funny thing about this back and forth... The actual setting to multiply the GUI's size by 2 doesn't exist in the original game's menus and was added in the update. However, if you load the settings files from a post-update save then most of the GUI actually will appropriately scale except for a couple of windows or so. Given that the settings file is just a plain text file more or less duplicated from the PC version I'm sure one can actually edit the specific line for that (but it gets a bit tiring going back and forth between the Switch and PC, so I didn't bother find that exact line for now since copying the settings file was sufficient.)

    If you have the time, could you test this out? In particular especially test the moved data folders. You can just move the files over without too much fuss to be under the language folder and see what happens.
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