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    Dec 31, 2016
    Seeing as nobody has, as of yet, created a thread from where you can download NES Mini mods (probably due to there not actually being that many), I made this one.

    If you know where more mods can be found, leave a reply with a link to a (preferably MEGA or GitHub) download and a description of what the mod is/does, plus (if you know) who made it.

    RetroArch (madmonkey, ClusterM and pcm720): GitHub page
    This mod adds RetroArch to your NES Mini, allowing you to emulate games from consoles other than the NES, all the way up to some Nintendo 64 games.
    Clovershell (ClusterM, others?): Client and server
    This mod allows you to access the filesystem of the NES Mini, in a command-line interface, without FEL mode and UART.
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