NES game genie questions

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    Dec 6, 2012
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    I just got one of these, never had one before and I have a few concerns.

    I am worried about it damaging the NES. It is thicker than a normal cart and I heard people saying using it too much will bend the connector pins and eventually games will not work with out the game genie.

    I have cleaned the NES and the games and they work perfectly on the first try almost every time. I am not sure how I should try to clean this game genie though, I am thinking there might be a screw under the sticker but I don't want to mess up the sticker if i don't have to. I tried using it and it was kind of difficult to get it working right and I am assuming that is connector problems.

    I would like to let my kids try out some codes but I am a bit concerned about not having cleaned it and possible damage it could cause.

    Any NES game genie experts around that can share some tips and put my mind at ease?