Neek2o and Guitar Hero

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    Hi all, so I recently had some free time to attempt something I've wanted to do for a while and consolidate my Guitar Hero games into one file. I followed the appendix from this guide and ran into a few problems. For starters, some of the songs cause the game to freeze if you stop on them from the main menu, so far I've found only these ones that do it:

    Bring the Noise 20xx
    Buried Alive - The Used
    Head Like a Hole - Nine Inch Nails
    We've Got a Situation Here - The Damned Things

    If you filter the track list and avoid these the rest of the songs play flawlessly although the game does hang in some parts, specifically the loading stage, but it just takes a little longer than normal (I'm assuming because of the reroute in emulation)

    Second problem, if the game does freeze, I have to shut down the wii manually and when I attempt to boot back into Neek2o it will freeze upon loading the usb drive (also, it doesn't do this every time, but about 4/5 times); however, I did find a workaround to this: if I boot USB Loader GX (and I'm assuming probably any other loader) and exit back to the system menu Neek will load fine.

    Third problem, once back into the game I tried going to the Rock Archive and deleting the songs from there, where it doesn't freeze, but it just says "deleting track, it can be redownloaded blahblahblah..." and then puts me back at the top of the menu and the song remains (I'm pretty sure this is because the game doesn't understand the difference between the real and emunand; either that or Neek doesn't have permission to augment the nand, I don't know) but I was thinking if I can just pin down whatever the file is that contains those particular songs and delete them that I could fix the problem.

    I understand that ShowMiiWads may be involved as well, but I don't have much experience using that program either, so if someone has a solution to any or all of my problems I'd be greatly appreciative. Also, just out of curiosity, but can Neek point to the SD card instead of USB to load WiiWare and Virtual Console games? Just curious.

    Also, just for reference, this is the build I was working from:noob page if it helps give some background as to what my setup is (the SysLog is in there a few posts down). Also I should probably mention that in between following the guides and getting the Guitar Hero game to a semi-working state as it is now, I patched IOS36 and used PimpMyWii to scan and fix all missing files (it didn't update much, just d2x to v10 and the EULA to v3 I think) Sorry if this isn't the easiest post to follow, but once again, any help or advice is greatly appreciated.