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    Hi I have 3 3ds's and they are different models and ofw versions.

    1st. New 3DS CFW Reinand
    2nd. New 3DS XL OFW 10.3
    3rd. Old 3DS XL hard mod OFW 9.2

    I had gateway before on another 3DS R.I.P and it blue screened bricked it. I'm scared to use it again because I don't wanna brick anymore but I also want cheats. NTR Plugin there are some I can't use. So my question is what out of the 2 3ds's should I hack with what way CFW or gateway or both CFW? Sorry for dragging this out.
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    Stop using Goatway! It's dangerous!

    If you were me, I would install A9LH on the old3DS, but if you don't want A9LH, then you can set up menuhax in minutes.

    With A9LH it's <1% that you'll need to hardmod the 3DS, and with menuhax, it's like you just install it in minutes, but you NEED to have 9.2 SysNAND, and you can only have an EmuNAND

    A9LH is lengthy to setup, but menuhax requires a specific setup, and it's not safe because it's only a loader
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    I would say, start with the hardmodded one and try the a9lh (follow the Plailect wiki)
    After you finished you will have a luma3ds o3ds xl.
    Now get the armloaderhax.bin and the launcher.dat (3.7.1) from the gateway-webside. rename it as up_gw.bin and put it into your luma/payload folder on your sd.

    now you start luma by default and gw if you hold the up button before poweron the 3ds.

    If you feel secure do it with the others too :-)
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