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Oct 8, 2019
Hello there.

I bought a unlocked Wii U some weeks ago, I been active reading this forum since then, which allowed me to learn how to:
- Setup the USB hard drive
- Obtain games from "that" usb software using "that" key site thing
- Convert WUD to apps
- Installing games
- Convert wii into wiiu injects (but by some reason the Wii Sports Resort dont work, console goes "death" and cant turn off even using the button, i need plug the power cable) but all others wii games works
- Run signature in order to the wii injects run and the wii u sports club also work (since it use a DLC to unlock the games)
- Setup the FTP in order for I replace all the titles game icons

What i "want" to do now is: clean up my SD, since has a lot of files I believe be useless and some repetitive, but was previous owner who did those, and as so, I'm afraid to delete the wrong ones and cause some sort of missing files compatibility issues.

On my SD card I have.
- Android
- apps
- cbhc
- controllers
- fceugx
- haxchi
- install
- Nintendont
- private
- retroarch
- rom
- saves
- vbagx
- wads
- wiiu
- installer.log
- wuphanx.backup
- keys.bin
- nincfg.bin
- boot.elf
- manifest.install
- info.json

When I boot the Wii U, on it's menu besides the titles, default channels, I also have the Haxchi, which when I run it, i have the following installed
- HB App Store - Download homebrew apps (updated)
- CBHC - Coldboot Haxchi Installer (not updated, I was afraid update to update and even touch this)
- Disc2app/disc2app.elf (apear as that)
- Haxchi - Haxchi Installer (updated)
- HBL2HBC - Boot from HBL to HBC or App
- HID 2 VPAD - USB HID to Gamepad Input
- Mocha fat32 - Monta tu sd en usb (in spanish ... but means "mounts your sd onto USB)
- Mocha CFW - Mocha custom firmware
- Mocha FAT32 - Monta tu sd en usb (same as previous one, why/how i have 2 of those ?)
- Mocha CFW + FSHAX - Mocha Custom firmware
- NNU-Patcher - Nintendo eshop update patcher
- PPSSPP.rpx
- Region libre & fw.img - Region libre en tu wii u n.n (spanish, means "region free on your wii u)
- Retroarch - Emulation frontend
- Savemii mod - wiiu/vwii save manager
- Sigpatcher2HBL - Simple signature check patcher
- Sigpatcher2sysmenu - Simple signature check patcher
- WUD Installer ameris - Wii U instalador de titles (spanish, means, Wii U titles installer)
- WUD Installer GX 2 - Wii U public title installer
- WUPhax - hacking vwii from wiiu mode
- WUP Installer - Wup public title installer

On Wii menu I have the default channels and the
- Homebrew Channel
- USB Loader GX
- Visual Boy Advance GX
- Snesx9xgx
- Turbografx16 Hu-Go
- Genesis plus gx
- Fceu gx
- The Homebrew channel (seams repeat but this one has a ligher blue color)

So my request is, what/how delete the unecessary stuff from those folders/channels in order for:
- Continue to load the installed wii U games
- Run GBA from wii U
- Run wii injects
- Be able to signature (or other trick I didnt learn yet, if so) to work on Wii Sports Club and Wii injects

Sorry if the post look big this way, but I think this way can explain better what Im looking for and what I have, without apear a wall of text.

Thank you.

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