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  1. CubeLer

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    Jul 24, 2008
    Hi,will dump the xml Files. but dont't what i do to.
    Is the self like Dumpiine?
    Step1:Load Loadiine Kernel
    Step2:Start Game? or Load "Loadiine Xml Dumper"
    Step3:Load "Loadiine Xml Dumper"
    The Games Ask to Quit. (Yes or No?)

    Step:4 The Game Quit and miimaker loads.

    But nothing,no Screen like Dumpiine,no Files.

    What is the right way to dump the XML Files?

  2. c0ld40

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    Nov 29, 2015
    I'll just post that here, so other people can see it. Here's what I've done:
    - Start Loadiine Kernel
    - Start the Loadiine Server on your PC (you need to make a "logs" folder inside the one where you keep the server )
    - Start Loadiine XML - you need to specify the IP address of your PC where the server is running
    - Start the game you wish to get XML values from

    For every started app (e.g. Wii U home, mii maker, games, browser) the server creates a log inside the "logs" folder - you need to know the name of your game's rpx file. Also keep in mind that the server creates text files - you need to convert them into app.xml and cos.xml yourself. What I did is, I got both files from another game and copy-pasted the values in the XML structure.
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