Need help with wii file replacement.

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    Im trying to mod the music in naruto Rev 3. I can make the files correctly, they play back fine with riivolution. my disk is scratched to the point that it give disk read error with 20-25min of play, so that's why I want to do the iso replacement method then use usb loading. anyway. using wii scrubber, when trying to replace a file, it corrupts the ISO, and when attempting to load the iso, wi scrubber crashes. so I tried doing the above method, extracting everything, and replacing everything at once. when I did so, i got a "bad" image when loaded into wii scrubber. Im like lost at what to do.

    this is the tutorial I used. along with this one.

    only difference is one uses riivolution and the other is manual file replacement.

    what I do.
    get song>convert to .WAV
    instead of using BCSM I use Brawlbox as it has a loop maker, and I find that far easier than looking for them with audacity.
    after getting the loop, I save it as .brstm with the same file name as the one im going to replace with it.
    start wiiscrubber.
    extract 0000.brsar
    open^ in hex editor.
    find the info of file im replacing, and change the hex value to match the new files file size. (needs to be done or audio ends abruptly)
    save 0000.brsar.
    repack to ISO. this works fine.
    replace XXXX.brstm with made file, wiiscrubber says it works, then gets "wiiscrubber mfc application has stopped running" and then
    every attempt to open the ISO makes this happen.

    seeing as how it crashed. I attempted to extract the whole partition, got that done. then used the partition builder to try and add all mod files at once. this however lead to the partition being "bad" and I cannot do anything with it.

    i cannot figure out whats wrong. any and all help would greatly be appreciated.
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