Need help with this..

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Sep 11, 2008

Need help with this.. by kevon24 at 4:16 AM (838 Views / 0 Likes) 1 replies

  1. kevon24

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    Sep 11, 2008
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    Well, First of all, I do not use the G6 anymore, i already have another flashcard, the r4, the one that only uses slot-1. Yesterday i was doing...nothing? when i decided to play pokemon fire red or sonic battle in my new game boy micro, using the G6. So, i grab the g6 , i put it on the gba and all that things, after the green text appears, the gba menu doesn't appear, so , i tried to update the firmware... i got the last one... and put it inside the g6. But, after the green texts, nothing happens ! And i dont know what to do.
    When I press a+b+start+select , a text appears "Erase main memory?" and i pressed select ( confirm ) and.. the following text appears :
    "Succsessfully performed erase operation !

    To make G6 work again :
    1)turn off the console
    2)insert the G6 intro U-DISK burner and conect it to pc.
    3)format it by using [MP utility] maintenance tool. "

    So please gbatemp, help me ! (?)
  2. scandal_uk

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    Are you trying to update the firmware? You need to boot the G6Lite in GBA mode and run the update program.

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