need help with getting a Virgin Nand

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    How to get a virgin NAND using NUSD and showmiiwads:
    1. Download IOS70 v6687 with NUSD, make sure you decrypt it and pack a .wad
    2. Download System Menu 4.2X (what ever version Wii you have) with NUSD and pack it as a .wad
    3. Open ShowMiiWads
    4. Create a blank folder on desktop (I named mine "Scratch 4.2U NAND")
    5. Click on Options -> Change NAND backup path. Select the folder you just created.
    6. Click View -> ShowMiiNAND (the program is now called "ShowMiiNand")
    7. Drag the two .wad files you downloaded through NUSD to ShowMiiNand.
    8. At the bottom click install
    9. copy your setting.txt from an actual dump to the title/00000001/00000002/data folder that was created in your "blank folder"
    10. copy the four folders: title, ticket, sys, shared1 to the root of whatever device you are going to be using to host your NAND.
    11. Launch SNEEK/UNEEK and it will be as if it is the first time you started your wii (in reality it is, and you may have to wait a couple minutes the first time you boot it up this time only)

    i am useing UNEEK, i tried that guide, it worked, but when i turned off the system and tried to go back, it just hangs on a black screen

    i have 2 other nands, they both load fine, but i need a virgin nand backup for uneek.

    my wii is SM 4.2U.