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    When I play PCSX 2 there's these black lines that are vertical on my TV. I tried changing plugins etc.. nothing would fix it. I think I found the problem though, just need to know how to fix it.



    For some reason my TV wants to use Intel UHD Graphics Family, I need it to use GeForce GTX 1650 like the laptop already is. It's an extended display.
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    Is it whenever the app is opened or is it for specific games?

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    also open up your graphics card panel and change the preferred graphics processor from auto to your gpu under 3d settings
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    It's for everything. on my laptop I'm getting the 1650, on the TV I'm getting the crappy Intel UHD. Those images above are from DXDiag I ran it without running a game.

    Manage 3D settings is already set to High performance NVIDIA processor
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    "When I play PCSX 2 there's these black lines that are vertical on my TV"
    Not all PS2 were widescreen, in fact remarkably few were. Is it that by any chance if going full screen.

    Depending upon what those bars are it might also be overscan if it is a TV.

    As far as forcing fancy GPU that gets to be a whole thing in and of itself. Not sure what it will take for this one offhand, especially not in extended mode (sometimes it can be a matter of single screen output for this sort of thing).
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    Just changed to duplicate displays and it's the same, but when I change to only second display i.e. TV only, it gives it the 1650. Tried the same game I was trying before and those lines I mentioned are gone. If there's no other choice I could go TV only, but i would prefer to not have to do that all the time.

    Edit: nm I was wrong it didn't fix it. And it's not just one game it's all games when I play PCSX 2 they look like crap.

    I even made it where the 1650 is listed under my TV on extended by uninstalling the UHD even though it came back it still gave my TV the right driver. But it didn't fix my problem in PCSX 2 so it's something else.
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    I was using PCSX 2 1.5 installed PCSX 2 1.6 and it looks nice now.
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