need help with disgaea undubbing

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    Feb 19, 2008
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    i need some help with understanding part 7 and 8 i dont get those 2 parts so enlighten me please >_<
    also id like to know if i can use this same method to undub any game ?

    It replaces all the English voices with Japanese voices. The characters will speak in Japanese, but the subtitles will remain in English.
    1. Use the program dslazy.
    2. Find the Japanese ROM and press unpack.
    3. When unpacking is finished, rename the "NDS_UNPACK" directory to "japanese_NDS_UNPACK".
    4. Delete the file "current.nds" from the dslazy folder.
    5. Open up the English ROM, and click unpack.
    6. After, navigated inside the japanese_NDS_UNPACK folder and into the "data" subdirectory.
    7. Pick up the files above and copied them in the respective data directory inside NDS_UNPACK.
    8. Afterwards, press pack and saved the new .nds file.
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    Oct 15, 2008
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    6.5 Select the following files voice.dat, voice.dat.tbl, msgvo.dat, msgvo.dat.tbl.

    Kinda but you need to know which file to replace in each game.